8 th October Autumn series

A light SEer’ly greeted members on sunday for the final Act of the Autumn series. With LW imminent there was plenty of beach to launch for the nine boats that ventured out.

Race 1 – SE F2. The tide was still ebbing at the start of the race. Dave & Keith caused a bit of ‘excitement’ at the start as they tacked across the fleet on port, resulting in a 720 for them! 

Preparing to race

Richard & Rosie, aka Team Custard led off the line and proceeded to open up a good lead after lap one. Behind, the rest of the 400’s were closely bunched along with Nick in his Phantom.

Team Custard crossed the line well ahead of Dave & Keith with Richard & Robyn third making it a 1,2,3 both over the water and on corrected time for the 400’s.

Race 1 start

Race 2 – SE F2  Still a little ebb tide flowing. Most of the fleet tacked inshore quickly after the start. Dave & Keith headed offshore for a short while before tacking which paid off as they rounded the windward mark just ahead. Team Custard were hot on their trail with these two swapping places throughout the race with Dave & Keith crossing the line just a few seconds ahead.

Race one racing

Behind another 400 battle with Adam & Jordan just holding off Richard & Robyn. On corrected time the two leading 400’s were first and second with Nick third, just three seconds ahead of Richard in the Vareo.

Race two start

Race 3  – SE F2-3 Slack water. The four 400’s led the fleet after lap one. After two laps Dave & Keith led Richard & Rosie and now being hotly pursued by Richard & Robyn who hooked onto a good lift out to the windward mark. Further back Phil (Contender) was just ahead of Richard (Vareo) who was just ahead of Jamie (Laser).

Race three start

After the third lap the 400’s were well ahead of the fleet and rewarded with another lap as was Phil who crossed the line just before the cut off. On corrected time the two leading 400’s took the top two places with Nick beating Richard & Robyn by nine seconds to claim third

Race four start

Race 4 – SE F2-3 Slack water with a hint of flood! The race team kindly offered to run a fourth race.  The fleet were evenly spread off the line with Richard & Rosie just ahead. Most continued offshore for a while before tacking. After two laps Richard & Rosie led the fleet with Dave & Keith next. Just behind things were close with Richard & Robyn, Adam & Jordon and Nick rounding the leeward gate within a second of each other with Phil not too far behind.

The fleet spread out

On the final lap Adam & Jordan hooked onto a good breeze to the finish line almost catching the other two 400’s. Nick prevented a 400 1,2,3,4 over the finishing line by just beating Richard and Robyn. The corrected times were very close with around thirty seconds separating the top five boats. There was a rare tie for first place with Nick and Richard & Rosie sharing top honours. Richard sailed the Vareo to third place, seven seconds ahead of Dave & Keith who were just ahead of Jamie in the Laser

RS400 ‘s enjoying some close racing

Many thanks to the race team of David, Ed and Shaun for an enjoyable days sail and a ‘bonus’ race. Ed doubled up as photographer for the day and took several pictures which are now on the club Flickr site.

It was almost as close for the overall series honours with the 400 of Dave, sailing with ‘guest crews’ finishing half a point ahead of Nick. Third was Richard in his Vareo who finished four points ahead of Richard & Robyn.

Sadly next week is the final outing of the year as we sail for the EOS trophy. Phil forecasts perfect conditions to end the season. The Weather stations also suggesting good conditions currently forecasting a F3-4 from the NW.

Pictures on the club Flick site – GYGSC’s albums | Flickr

Full results – http://www.gygsc.org.uk/Results/2023/2023Autumn.htm

1st October – Autumn series

After a few weeks of either too much wind or no wind, it was good to get back on the water for Act 6 of the Autumn series.  We were joined on the prom by some impressive classic vehicles ranging from scooters to some very large American cars. Later in the day we were also joined by the Horse and carts who visited us a few weeks ago.  Although we are now in October, the day began with the temperature in the high teens and ending in the twenties. There was a F3 from the SW with the occasional gusts. HW was around 11.00 which meant slack water for most of the racing, which was fortunate for the eight boats who ventured out as Spring tides were in force.

Ed & Keith proceed to lap the fleet

Race 1 – F3 with some stronger gusts, particularly off shore.  The last remains of the flood tide still present. The 400 of Team David led off the line. Most of the fleet kept offshore.  Ed & Keith, sailing the Spitfire quickly found their stride and soon took the lead and proceed to sail away, eventually lapping the entire fleet. Back with the dinghies, Team David held a short lead over Nick for the first two laps.  On the third beat a toe-strap failure resulted in a back flip into the water for Dave H and a capsize for the 400 (thankfully no photo!). Nick took the lead and Richard & Robyn, back in the 400 for the first time this season caught up and were now right behind Team David.  Nick stayed ahead of the two 400’s for the next two laps with Team David just fending off Richard & Robyn. On corrected time Nick took the win ahead of Ed & Keith.

Richard sporting his Storm main and ‘storm spinnaker’ !

Race 2 – a tad less wind and slack water.  Nick won the start and headed the fleet up the beat until the Spitfire flew past, indeed after two laps Ed & Keith looked on track to lap the fleet again but spinnaker problems associated with ‘knots undoing’!  put a stop to this. Back with the dinghies, after lap one the 400’s were out in front with Team David one second ahead of Richard & Robyn as they rounded the leeward gate.  Phil (Contender) led Nick fifteen seconds later with Richard in the Vareo just a minute behind.  On lap two the Contender and Phantom overtook the 400’s with Phil leading and looking good for the race win. However……on the third beat Phil suffered gear failure resulting in a swim and an early return to shore leaving Nick to lead the dinghies over the line and taking a second race win with Team David second.

New version of Where’s Wally………. Find Phil

Race 3 – the wind now a F2 and first signs of the ebb tide.  The fleet now reduced with both the Contender and Spitfire retiring!  Nick headed the fleet off the line, most of which headed inshore but the wind was lighter and shiftier inshore so wasn’t always the best plan. Nick led for the first two laps, but on the final windward leg Team Dave took the lead and led to the finish line. On corrected time Nick made it three in a row. His recent trip to the Phantom Nationals proving beneficial as upwind performance seemed to have improved.

Thanks to the race team of Steve and Darell for an eventful days sailing, even if it was short lived for some.  Has the Whitby curse finally been lifted ?

A clean sweep for Nick

Once ashore Chef Brown was back serving lunch again. With the sun shining and the temperature now in the twenties it was like summer with the prom busy with visitors to the Classic Car rally.

With one week to go Dave and guest crews Cliff & David leads the Autumn series, two points ahead of Steve & Keith in the 500 with Richard in the Vareo third.

Darell doubled up as photographer for the day, pictures now on the club Flick site – GYGSC’s albums | Flickr

Full results – http://www.gygsc.org.uk/Results/2023/2023Autumn.htm

3 rd September – a day of alternative sports !

Despite it being the Autumn series the weather was more akin to midsummer with the temperature over 20 degrees, sunny, flat sea……but unfortunately no wind. It was also a little hazy offshore when we first arrived but this cleared quickly. Some blamed the conditions on a certain individual who manages to put a curse on conditions whenever he is part of the race team!

Hazy on arrival

With the forecast suggesting some wind later several boats were pulled round to the promenade and so started a series of false hopes as the wind picked up for a while only to disappear again.

A few unexpected visitors on the prom, with more arriving shortly after this was taken !

Despite several encouraging signs by midday it was decided to call it a day. However, as it was such a nice day many opted for some alternative water based activities, such as swimming, SUP’ing and kayaking and some beach based which ended up with just Beach Petanque. There was discussion to get the Beach Volleyball equipment out but with Phil ‘Ace’ Allison’ away, it was not to be.

Beach Petanque competition

The Petanque Contest was hotly contested and after several ends and some close calls, some of which required the use of Richards ‘Distance Measuring App’ to determine the winner, honours went to Keith who became the Beach Petanque champion, closely followed by Phil Highfield.   By one o’clock the wind had indeed filled in with a pleasant F2 from the SE.  Phil Harlow was the only taker to launch his boat and so become the winner of the Billy No Mates race to Hopton and back. Some did take the opportunity to have a sail in Phil’s Phantom for a sail later.

Where’s Phil !

After the activities had finished the Pizza ovens were fired up and before long Keith and the pizza team had started the production run of Pepperoni, Margherita and Goats cheese pizza’s and finishing off with some banana, chocolate and marshmellow pizza’s which ensured everyone was suitable full.

Despite the lack of sailing the day turned into a most enjoyable and sociable event.


August 27th – Autumn series begins

It’s a sure sign that that we are approaching the final period of the season when the Thursday Evening series finishes and we start the Autumn series. The weather played ball and there was a good mixture of boats for the first Act of the Autumn series with an even split of two handed and single handed boats, unlike most weeks where single handers have dominated. The shifty NW F3 provided some good sailing and the occasional gusts producing some hairy moments for some. Two ‘new’ crews were out, Keith teaming up Steve in a 500 and Dave with Cliff in a 400.

There was a strong ebb tide flowing for race one. The wind was relatively stable offshore but as the fleet headed inshore and approaching the windward mark it got noticeably shiftier. Dave and Cliff led round the windward mark followed by Steve (D-One), Steve & Keith and the 400’s of Mark & Robert and Phil & Lorna a short way behind.

Off wind Steve began to pull away from the fleet opening up a good lead by the finish and winning on corrected time.

Race two, with the ebb tide easing there was a split in the fleet heading for the windward mark. After lap one Dave & Cliff had a small lead on Steve with Steve & Keith close behind and Phil (Contender) leading the rest of the fleet about a minute behind.  On lap two Steve & Keith had taken the lead, four seconds ahead of Dave & Cliff with Steve thirty seconds behind. On the final off wind leg  the two leading boats caught a big gust, resulting in Steve & Keith to capsize and Dave & Cliff trawling their spinnaker. Steve, having headed to the other side of the course hooked up on a gust which saw him take the lead. Behind two of the slower boats, had put in a fast final lap with Richard (Vareo) taking second on corrected time and David (Solution) third.

By the time race three started the tide was negligible, Steve and Keith read the shifts well on the first beat to lead round the mark  with Phil following close behind.  These two opened up a big lead finishing six minutes ahead of the rest of the fleet with Phil winning both line honours and winning on corrected time by 12 seconds. After a slow first lap David put in two quick laps to take third place.

Thanks to the race team of Tom and Adrian, and to Carl who volunteered to assist on the day which really helped as one of the marks needed shifting midsession. Also thanks to Christine for sorting out lunch for everyone.

Next week will be another autumn series day AND…. ‘Pizza on the Prom’ is back, so the pizza ovens will be fired up after sailing providing freshly baked pizzas. If you intend to eat could you let us know please, a reminder has been posted on the club WhatsApp group. We just need a rough number for catering requirements. The current forecast is looking very good with a sunny afternoon predicted.

Results are on the club site Autumn Series results

Thursday Evening – final night

The forecast looked promising for the final night of the Thursday evening series, both Wind finder and Wind guru ‘promised’ a NW F2-3 however……..things didn’t quite go that way!

The hot day meant there was a decent sea breeze when the early arrivals reached the club, being greeted by a F3 from the SE.

As we made ready to launch the wind was easing and moving to the south. For the first time in the series a two-man boat launched with Ed kindly volunteering to take Robin, a visitor out in the club RS400.

The race team, aka ‘Phil-A’ set a short windward leeward course near the ravine. Despite the light winds the sea was extremely lumpy and coupled with a strong ebb tide made for a tricky sail.

Phil H and Dave started at the up tide end of the line and led the fleet to the windward mark….. showing the importance of being up tide and near the line at the start!

A light wind and lumpy sea sail – Adrian flying spinnaker, just!

The wind continued to drop resulting in slow progress to the windward mark. As the leading boats approached the leeward gate the wind began to shift to the west. The new wind direction meant the asymmetric’s were flying spinnakers on both the ‘windward’ and the ‘leeward’ legs, be it only just as the wind continued to drop. After two laps everyone was happy to call it a day and headed for shore, be it very slowly.

By the time we were packing up in the dinghy park it was getting dark proving how quickly the nights are drawing in. And just to rub it in the promised F2-3 NW arrived!

Heading back to shore, slowly

However, it was a pleasant evening, and as we sat outside the clubhouse for a mardle and a beer (or in some cases a Prosecco) it was warm enough for shorts and tee shirts.

Many thanks to Phil-A for volunteering to run the racing, or did he know it wouldn’t be a good Contender sail!

There was some discussions as to whether to go for a Thursday Finale next week, a few were up for it if the forecast was good. At time of writing both Windguru and Windfinder forecast a Southerly, 20 gusting 30 knots….maybe better ask Phil H as his forecasts are generally better! Final decision to be made nearer the time and dependent on forecast and enthusiasm!

Results are on the club site http://www.gygsc.org.uk/Results/2023/2023Thursday.htm

Hopton Race

A small but select fleet made their way to the start line. Conditions were good with plenty of sunshine and a mainly SW’erly F3.

Unfortunately for Phil the mast step on his RS700 failed resulting in a very early return to the shore.

Team Des thought they could join the racing but had to be disqualified for illegal propulsion

Racing gets underway, one lap of a large course for race one which the D-One’s took top two places, Steve ahead of Nick.

Race two was sailed over normal windward-leeward course. After lap one Nick opened up a good lead over Phil (Contender) with the Vareo’s close behind, Richard two seconds ahead of Rob. Nick pulled further ahead on lap two and got to sail a third lap and winning on corrected time with Richard second.

The race team let the final race run for a extra lap. Nick again led, opening up a large gap on the rest and winning another race. After two laps Phil had a good lead over the chasing Vareo’s but a slow final lap saw the gap close and with it the chance for second which was taken by Richard.

Next Thursday is the final eposide of the series (Hopefully there’ll be a Thursday Finale…or two)

Next Sunday is the start of the Autumn series and kicks off with the Autumn Regatta.

Full results on the club website

Sailwave results for Hopton races 2023 at Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Sailing Club 2023 (gygsc.org.uk)

Several pictures of the days sailing on the club Flickr site

GYGSC’s albums | Flickr

13th August Summer Series – final Act!

14 boats readied themselves for what looked like a lively day on the water. There was quite a mixture of classes ranging from a Mini-Sail (remember them!) to a Spitfire catamaran. With most of the sky covered in various shades of grey cloud, sunshine was to be in short supply but it was quite warm with the temperature around 20 degrees. The mainly SW wind was around F3 with gusts nearer F4 and the sea reasonable flat which combined, provided some great conditions. This proved so as with three races we had three different winners.

The race team set a large windward leeward course which was worthy of a national championship, although the Spitfire Cat was lapping in under thirteen minutes some of the slower boats took around thirty!

Race One start – nice view of Team Custard!

Race one – the ebb tide was in full flow making for a long beat. Phil H (RS700) found a good line at the start and led the fleet until Ed & Keith, sailing the Spitfire took the lead.  Adam & Jordan (RS400) got a good start from the pin end and Team Custard (RS400) having a close encounter with the committee boat at the start but still managed to find a clear channel afterwards. As the fleet got nearer the windward mark the wind was noticeably shiftier.

After lap one the Spitfire and RS700 had a good lead over the rest of the fleet. Team Custard was just ahead of Adam & Jordan (RS400) with George (RS Aero) a minute behind.

Phil wins race one

Ed & Keith crossed the line two and a half minutes ahead of the Phil H with the next boat, Team Custard eight minutes later. On corrected time Phil won by a minute with Ed & Keith second and Team Custard third. James, sailing a Laser put in a great second lap, a minute and a half quicker than his first to come forth.

Start two – RS400’s tussle at the pin end

Race two – after a quick course change, moving the windward mark closer, race two got underway. The pin end proved popular with Adam & Jordan (RS400) getting the better of Team Custard off the line.  The Spitfire soon took the lead and proceeded to storm away from the fleet to eventually lap everyone bar the RS700. Whilst the Spitfire had a solitary race the rest of the fleet enjoyed some close racing. After lap one fourteen seconds separated the next three boats, the RS700 and the two leading RS400’s. Phil A (Contender) headed the rest of the fleet with George a short way behind.

Whilst the Spitfire sailed four laps most of the fleet sailed three. The RS700 managed to open up a small lead on the RS400’s with Team Custard now in front. On corrected time it was a convincing win for the Spitfire, Team Custard second and a close call for third with George just beating Carl (Mini-Sail) for third.

Ed & Keith win race two

Race three- by the start of the race the ebb tide was easing and also the wind. The sea state however was getting a little rougher. Team Custard won the start at the pin end of the line and had a clear channel. Phil A opted for the committee boat end and also started well and in clear air.

There was a split in the fleet with some opting to go offshore and some inshore. The Spitfire soon took the lead and completed lap one in just over eight minutes. Team Custard was next with Don, sailing the club Laser putting in a great first lap to round in third place, closely following by Phil A and James.

Start three – line shy

After two laps the Spitfire and Team Custard were a long way in front and were rewarded with another lap. Phil A was next to finish with James overtaking Don on lap two. On corrected time only seven seconds separated the first three boats with Team Custard first, Ed & Keith four seconds behind and James three seconds behind them. Don finished forth just ahead of Phil A.

GYGSC 13-08-23 start 3 – YouTube

It was a great if not tiring day on the water, the wind varying between F2 and F4, mainly SW but with some big shifts inshore. Many thanks to Steve, Jamie & Julia who volunteered to help race the days racing. And to Phil for assisting the early arrivals back to shore and to Lorna for preparing lunch.

This was the final Act of the Summer series. The overall results were extremely close with Dave (RS Vareo) first, just beating Steve (Europe) by 1.4 pts (although Steve probably would have won had he opted to sail today and not offer to help on the start boat!).  George (RS Aero) was third, just 0.3 pts ahead of Team Custard.

Next week is the Hopton Race and the following week the Autumn series starts, beginning with the Autumn Regatta.

Full results on the club website

Sailwave results for GYGSC Summer Series 2023 at Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Sailing Club 2023

The race team doubled up as photographers, several pictures now on the club Flickr site.

GYGSC’s albums | Flickr

Thursday evening 10th August

With summer back with us again it was a warm evening with a F3 from the SE when the nine boats rigged on the prom. For the first time this season the single-handers were joined by a two man boat for a Thursday evening with Ed and Chris venturing out in the Spitfire.

The race team set the usual windward leeward course and redefined the term ‘gate start’, setting a line the length of a typical farmer’s gate!

Preparing for race one

With a strong ebb tide the start proved busy as boats vied for position to cross the start line. Dave (Vareo) and Nick (Phantom) managed to pop out in front and everyone headed inshore out of the tide. After lap one these two had nearly a minutes lead on the fleet. Phil A (Contender) headed the pack which were all very close including Carl, sailing his Mini-sail for the first time on the sea. After lap two Nick had opened up a gap on Dave.  Richard (Solution) had squeezed ahead of Phil A with Phil H (Phantom) leading the rest.

and then race two!

After the final lap Nick crossed the line a minute ahead of Dave, both Phil‘s had overtaken Richard and Tamsin (Laser Radial) had closed the gap on Richard.  On corrected time Dave was first, Carl managed to stay close enough to the fleet to take second and Tamsin third.

someone turned the lights out !!!

Race two, still a strong tide but not the excitement of the ‘gate’ start, although it still proved tricky getting a clear channel crossing the line, with the pin end being hard fought. Nick led the fleet to the windward mark, Dave arrived second and managed to hit it and had to do a turn, Phil A happily passed Dave in the process with Phil H close behind. Tasmin also fell foul to the attraction of the windward mark letting Richard and Carl through.

a very pleasant evening sailing – it wasn’t as dark as it appears

On the final lap Phil A overtook Nick at the windward mark, only to lose the lead on the downwind leg to the line by just two seconds with Dave just ahead of Phil H and Richard leading the rest.

On corrected time Dave took the win, with Nick and Phil A finishing far enough ahead to claim second and third.

The surf had built a little on returning to shore making for an interesting ride back.

It’s the penultimate evening of the series next week, Dave is currently leading the series, just ahead of Richard B and Richard F.

Many thanks to Richard and Ed for volunteering to run the evenings racing and to Lorna for preparing the salad to go with the Lasagne and Quiche we had for ‘supper’.

Results are on the club site http://www.gygsc.org.uk/Results/2023/2023Thursday.htm

The race team were busy taking photos which are on the club Flickr site

GYGSC’s albums | Flickr

Thursday evening 3rd August

There was a F2-3 breeze from the NW which remained with us providing a pleasant evenings sail.

Eight boats launched included all three club Vareos making them the largest class afloat!

It was low water when we launched making for a long walk to the shoreline.

Darell and Ed kindly offered to run the evenings racing setting an excellent W/L course.

Lorna watches over the boats

Race one – the fleet split on the first beat and with just a little ebb tide evident, there wasn’t much advantage in either going offshore or inshore, although it became shifty inshore. Dave (Vareo) and Richard (Solution) took it in turns to lead with Dave just ahead at the windward mark and Phil (Phantom) right behind Richard. Offwind Dave slowly pulled ahead as Richard opted to try the Solution’s ‘Reduced’ sail option providing 10% less sail area. At the leeward gate Dave led with Richard managing to stay just ahead of Phil with Chris (Laser) and Richard (Vareo) having a good leg to close the gap on Phil.

Racing starts

Dave lead at the finish, Richard second, proving the upwind performance of the ‘Reduced’ sail wasn’t far off the normal sail in these conditions. Chris nipped in front of Phil on the final lap and Adrian (D-One) recovered after a poor first beat to finish just behind.

Racing underway

Race two- Richard almost managed to pull off the perfect port hand flyer but decided on caution, dodging behind the first starboard boat but cleared the rest of the fleet. Dave and Phil headed the fleet to the windward mark and by the leeward gate had a thirty second lead on the fleet led by Richard with Don, sailing a club Laser close behind. Dave led Phil at the finish and Richard opening the gap on Don.

Lovely evening for a sail

With the light fading it was decided not to have a third race, a sign that the nights are drawing in. It proved a good decision as on returning to shore some of the trollies where already in the water! Don decided to test the surfing performance of the club Laser on returning to shore, apparently they surf well !

Many thanks to Darell and Ed for a lovely evenings sailing and to the club chef’s who sorted out supper for us on returning to shore.

There are only three more Thursday evenings to go, although no doubt there could be one or two ‘Thursday Finale’s’ after that !

Results are on the club site http://www.gygsc.org.uk/Results/2023/2023Thursday.htm

The race team were busy taking photos which are on the club Flickr site

GYGSC’s albums | Flickr

Summer Series Act 5

Whilst many in Gorleston were enjoying the thrills and spills at the Cliff top Festival the hardy sailors at the club were bracing themselves for a testing day on the water, some enjoying the thrills and a few, the spills!

With an offshore wind it didn’t feel too bad as boats rigged on the prom, the sea was flat-ish, but it was obviously blowing offshore. Seven boats were rigged and ready to go, however one decided against venturing out onto the water. The race team had the challenge of setting a course across the tide, particularly with the wind shifting between W and WSW….and more at times.

By the start of race one the wind was a F3-F4. The two RS400‘s led the fleet with Team Custard just ahead of Adam & Jordan. However, when gybing to the leeward gate it coincided with a big gust and resulted in synchronised capsizing. This left Nick, sailing his Phantom to head the fleet with George (RS Aero7) hot on his heels. These positions remained to the finish with Steve (Europe) moving up the top spot on corrected time by three seconds with George second.

Steve plans his run up to soak the race team !!!

Race two…and Team Custard led the fleet to the windward mark followed by Adam & Jordan. After the downwind leg the RS400’s had a one minute lead over Nick who was one minute ahead of the rest of the fleet, which were split by only a few seconds as they rounded the leeward gate. Team Custard claimed line honours with Nick moving ahead of Adam & Jordan on the final lap. On corrected time Carl, sailing a Laser Radial  won by twenty seconds from Nick, with Team Custard third.

With several big gusts during the second race and a well developed short chop, the race team decided that the final race would be a two lapper. Two boats had headed for the shore leaving a reduced fleet. There were definitely no premature starters to the race with the first boat, Nick crossing the line about ten seconds after the start signal and enjoying an early lead up the beat. The wind strength was variable during the race, at some times only F2-F3 but still some big gusts to deal with. Nick maintained his lead to the finish although Adam & Jordan closed the gap as did George who cross the line at high speed having caught one of the big gusts. Steve was not far behind and won on corrected time with George beating Nick by eight seconds.

Unfortunately only the one picture as both camera owners forgot to bring them today!

Many thanks to Lorna and Sarah for preparing lunch, everyone was ready for it after a tiring day on the water.

Full results on the club website

Sailwave results for GYGSC Summer Series 2023 at Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Sailing Club 2023