Weather and tide make for great Britannia Pier race

After the strong winds and rain of Saturday competitors enjoyed sunshine and a manageable F3 for the Britannia Pier race. With the wind coming from the south it was a long downwind leg to the Britannia Pier mark. The Catamarans led the fleet with Ed Andersons Spitfire just ahead of David Brief in his Shadow-X at the mark. These two led over the line with visitors Will Pank and Seb Gotto sailing a 29’er very close behind and winning on corrected time. The flood tide made the long beat back to Gorleston easier for the hiking boats with the Wayfarer of visitors Phil & Dennis Manning claiming second on corrected time.

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It’s official, Summer has arrived

This week saw the start of the summer series and the weather matched the season with a warm F3-4 SE’erly breeze. 12 boats launched with two electing to spent the day blasting around. Race one started just as the tide started to ebb and with the sea relatively flat. The race team set a slightly port bias line with Dave & John (RS400) nearly succeeding doing a port hand flyer only to be thwarted by Richard & Carol (RS400). Everyone elected to stick inshore up the beat with Chris (D-One) first round the windward mark closely followed by the rest of the pack. On gybing Chris managed to get a perfectly formed hour glass in his spinnaker which he was unable to remove so headed inshore. After two laps Richard & Carol and Dave & John rounded the gate together closely followed by Phil (Contender) with Phil & Lorna (RS400) and Steve (D-One) just a few seconds apart. Just three seconds separated the first three boats as they crossed the line with Richard & Carol claiming line honours with Phil next but first on corrected time. Anna & Keith (RS500) suffered a ‘Gnav’ failure on the final lap which also damaged their mast causing them to head for shore.
By now the tide had picked up a bit and with it the sea state, making it more challenging. The cauldron was now living up to it’s name, what a difference a day makes !  Several boats headed for shore which soon become the popular move and so we headed in for an early lunch in the sun on the prom. Thanks for the race team for a great days sailing.

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Packed evening of sailing

The race team ran a packed racing programme on Thursday evening fitting in three races. Very close racing all evening with Keith (Laser) in good form winning all three, presumably hyped up with the thought of escaping an evening with Take That !! Richard Brown
(Solution) a little unlucky being only a few seconds behind Keith in every race. Richard Foster (Laser) putting in a good performance in race one to finish third but was observed testing the water on occasions, apparently it wasn’t too cold. Phil, having now completed the ‘rebuild’ of his RS700 quickly got up to speed to take third in the last two races. Afterwards it was pie and beans on the prom as it was such a lovely evening, Phil’s cooking becoming so famous some of our SUP members joined the feast.
Thanks to Richard the third, aka Mr Fryer and Des for their slick race management providing a very busy evening.


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Three Buoys Challenge – Three races three different winners

The race team opted to set a straightforward windward leeward course for the days sailing.
The day started with a warm F3-4 wind from the SW and low water at the start of racing with flood tide kicking in shortly after. Eleven boats ventured out onto the water with Tom and Will, having rigged the 505 deciding to stay ashore.
Race 1 got underway with the sea quite flat. The 29’er of visitors Sam & Chris quickly opened up a gap over the rest of the fleet which they consolidated over the remaining laps. Richard & Kristof (RS400) led the chasing pack after the first lap. Nick (D-One) overhauled them to lead after the second lap and Ed (Spitfire), recovering from a slow start led the pack at the finish.

Sam & Chris leading race 1

There were a few retirements with Dave & John (RS400) and Chris (D-One) experiencing spinnaker problems.
On corrected time Sam & Chris winning by over five minutes, Phil (Contender) having remained close to the chasing pack claimed second over Nick.
Race two turned into a capsize fest! The wind was still F3-4 but the sea state now ‘slight.
Once again Sam & Chris lead the pack after lap one followed by Dave & John and Ed
Lap two proved to be a challenging lap for some with by Sam & Chris and Dave & John capsizing on the gybe to the gate and Richard & Robyn having problems when dropping their spinnaker.

Which way up ?

On lap three Nick took a swim on the gybe with Phil doing likewise just before reaching the gate. Richard & Kristof proved staying upright is always quicker and took the race win by nearly two minutes. Despite the antics only 18 seconds separated the next four boats with Richard & Robyn just beating Phil.

Total concentration

Race three saw a reduced number on the start line, just three to be precise. The wind had increased a tad to F4 and the sea state approaching moderate. Sam & Chris had a delayed start, leaving the two RS400’s of Dave & John and Richard & Kristof to fight it out enjoying a close tussle over two laps with the downwind legs providing some of the best sailing this year. Dave & John crossing the line just ahead of Richard & Kristof.

Thanks to the race team of Anna, Keith and Steve for an ‘entertaining’ days sailing.


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Thursday Evening – a good mix of classes

There were five classes of dinghy represented on Thursday evening, RS400, D-One, Contender, RS300 & Laser. With low water at around the start of racing the ebb tide was easing which was just as well as the warm Southerly F3 wind eventually turned to the SE and decreasing to a F1 by the end of race two.
Race one – Dave (RS300) and Adrian (D-One) led at the windward mark. After one lap Dave led Ed (Contender) and Phil & Lorna (RS400). A shift in the wind to the SE on the next lap resulted in Dave the biggest benefactor ending the ‘beat’ on a fetch to the mark and taking the race win. Phil & Lorna eased past Ed on the second lap with Keith (Laser) staying in contention to take second on corrected time and Ed pipping Phil & Lorna to third

With the wind now from the SE the race team moved the windward mark for race two. Dave tried a port end flyer only to have the duck most of the fleet. However, a couple of boats had a somewhat hampered start as they snagged the warp on the start line mark. Dave led after lap one with Phil & Lorna a few seconds ahead of Adrian. The wind now dropped to about F1. Despite the decreased wind the tide was now negligible the second lap was actually quicker. Dave taking line honours, Keith repeating his second place and Phil & Lorna claiming third spot.
Thanks to Richard and Des for running the racing and providing us with a very pleasant evening sailing.

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Spring Series Act 7

As the boats were being rigged for the days activities there was still evidence of the early morning mist, thankfully this soon cleared and visibility during the racing was fine.
Race one started with a NE’erly F2. There was still a small flood tide so most of the fleet kept inshore on the beat. The two catamarans soon edged ahead and after the first lap had over a minutes lead on the dinghy fleet. Ed and Joe (Spitfire) led David B (Shadow-X) for the first two laps at which point David B found another gear opening up a two minute lead at the finish line. Dave H (RS300) led the dinghy fleet with Phil & Lorna (RS400) close behind. On the final downwind leg Richard & Robyn (RS400) gybed early and found some extra pressure, just beating Phil & Lorna over the line.
The tide was negligible at the start of race two and the wind had increased slightly. The two catamarans were rightly leading after the first lap but close behind were Tom & Will (505) and Dave H, with the rest of the fleet a short distance behind. With Joe now at the helm, the Spitfire stepped up the pace, opening up a near two minute lead. Tom & Will and Dave H spent the entire race only a few metres apart with the rest of the fleet a short distance behind. Dave H taking the race on corrected time with Anna & Keith (RS500) second.
The wind had increased to a good F3 and the tide had changed and now ebbing at the start of race three. This may explain the unusual phenomenon at Gorleston of a general recall. All clear on the second attempt with David B leading from start to finish opening up a considerable lead and taking the win on handicap. With tide making light work of the beats everyone was enjoying the long off wind legs in the fantastic conditions planning in the small swell which had now build up. Richard & Robyn and Anna & Keith were having the closest tussle of the day and after four laps were one second apart. On corrected time Anna & Keith taking another second.

Thanks to the race team and Kristof who kindly volunteered to assist.

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Spring Series – Act 6

As we arrived at Gorleston it was easy to think summer had arrived, unbroken blue skies and a pleasant breeze. However, being from the North the wind still had a chill in it and the beach was just about devoid of beach ‘dwellers’.
Twelve boats took to the water ranging from a Laser to the ‘Cats’. 

We were also joined by Sam, visiting the club and sailing his Waszp, unfortunately for him the wind did not quite pick up sufficiently for him to enjoy the Waszps incredible performance.

Race 1 started just after low water with negligible tide. Chris Sallis (D-One) nailed the start and led for a short while until David Brief (Shadow X) powered his through the fleet to lead by over a minute after lap one. Behind Chris there was a three way battle between the D-Ones of Steve Gray and Nick Favell and the 400 of Dave Houghton and Tamsin Highfield. The race team finished the race after two laps as a couple of boats have lingered a bit too long on the beach and missed the start. David managed to complete three laps almost lapping some of the fleet. Chris led the rest over the line followed by Dave & Tamsin.

The flood tide had now picked up so upwind most of the fleet ventured towards the shore during race 2. Dave & Tamsin appeared off the line with a short lead over Chris and Steve and after lap one were over a minute ahead of the rest of the fleet which they held to the finish with the Cats now suffering in the lighter winds. We were also joined by a water spectator in the form of a seal who took much interest in watching the racing !

With the wind easing the race team took the sensible decision to reduce the size of the course. The three D-one’s, led by Chris judged the tide best rounding the windward mark ahead of the fleet. After four laps Dave & Tamsin managed to sneak through and crossed the line just ahead of Chris, with Steve just six seconds behind.
Many thanks to the race team for arranging such a lovely day, Richard did say it’s always nice when he does OOD, so perhaps he ought to do it every week !

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WhatsApp Image 2019-05-13 at 17.23.26
Thanks to Gary for these

Close racing on Thursday 9 th May

The second Thursday evening session got underway with a pleasant F3-4 breeze.

Race 1- With the tide still flooding Keith (Laser) and Ed (Contender) went inshore to get out of the tide but Richard (Solution) decided to go out to sea hoping for a better wind. Keith was first round the windward mark followed by Richard then Ed, all very close. After the second lap it was still close and the order remaining unchanged with only 5 seconds between them. After the third lap only one second between all 3 boats. On the fourth and final lap Richard had opened up a small lead followed by Ed then Keith..
As race two was about to start Richard’s goose neck broke so the race team towed him in. Ed and Keith decided to go for a ‘jolly’ as the conditions were so good and the forecasted rain had yet to arrive, although it did as the boats were back on the beach. Thanks to the race team of Phil and Little Ed.

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Close racing downwind

Richard finds the perfect solution for Thursday evenings.

The Thursday Evening series got underway with a pleasant F2-F3 breeze and a somewhat chilly N – NNE wind.

Thursday evening racing starts !

In race one everyone decided to keep close to the shore beating up to the windward mark as there was still a trickle of flood water. After the first lap Phil and Lorna (400) led the small fleet followed by Richard in his newly acquired Solution. At the finish Phil and Lorna maintained their lead but close behind was Richard and Ed in his Laser with Richard claiming the win by 11 seconds from Ed on corrected time.

Race 2 saw Phil & Lorna and Richard again electing to stick to the shore however Ed, who had been last to cross the line decided to go offshore where there appeared more wind. For some time this option appeared to be paying but as the boats neared the mark Ed lost out leaving the other two to cross in front and round the windwark mark just in front. At this point we were joined by Pavel and Kristof in the Sprint 15 who having been held up and so missing the start decided to test their night time navigational skills sailing down to Hopton and back!  Anyway, back to the racing, after the first lap Phil & Lorna had opened up a small lead on Richard which they extended on the last lap. However, on corrected time Richard won from Phil & Lorna by just under half a minute. We then all headed ashore for pie and beans and discussions on the local elections mainly brought about by the fact Ed had to nip off and vote before having his pie!

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Sun setting at the end of sailing

Start of Season

After a lack of wind last week this week there was some! Unfortunately the warm temperatures of last week had long gone and the temperature gauge in the car as we drove towards the club was reading a miserly 8 degrees C. On a brighter note the rain had stopped and the forecast was for some sunny periods.

A small but select fleet of hardy souls made their way to the start for race one. The wind was a pleasantly F2-3 from the West and the sea was extremely flat considering the strong winds during Saturday. According to the tide tables it was low water but there was still a small ebb tide flowing. Richard Fryer, with guest crew Kristof Baj (RS400) were first of the line closely followed by Nick Favell in his shiny new D-One.
After the first lap Richard and Kristof had a small lead on the pack with Tom Carr & Will Gordon (505) and Nick rounding the gate together. Prior to the start the wind was fluctuating from W to NW, shortly before the start it shifted to NW-N making for a one sided beat and a drag race back to the leeward mark and so the race was finished after two laps with Richard & Kristof taking the first line honours and race win of the year.
With the wind settling on North the race team adjusted the course for race 2. Despite a small ebb tide the fleet split in two on the first beat with most going offshore which proved the best route. Richard & Kristof and Nick headed the fleet round the windward mark closely followed by Phil and Lorna (RS400). Everyone headed inshore downwind with Nick putting in an early gybe and hooking up into a good breeze to go from 25 metres behind to 50 metres ahead of Richard & Kristof. However over the next three laps this lead slowly evaporated and Richard & Kristof again taking line honours and race win with Phil & Lorna taking second by five seconds from Nick.
By the start of race three the wind was up to F4…plus gusts! and the sea had woken up a tad with some moderate waves. The fleet were closely bunched as they rounded the windward mark and downwind everyone was flying. First casualty was Nick when he gybed resulting in a capsize leaving Richard & Kristof with a good lead. After three laps Tom & Will decided to pack up and sailed back to the club. On the final run down to the line Richard & Kristof had over a minute lead on the next boat however…….come gybe time they too succumbed to the urge to swim and capsized 500 metres from the line. This left Phil and Lorna an opportunity to claim glory in the final race of the day however……only a few metres away from an already capsized 400, and perhaps over excited at the possibility of a win also joined Richard & Kristof in the water. First up was Richard & Kristof who crossed the line first with Nick finishing second.

Back For Lunch

Start of Season
Race 1: 1 RS400 721 (R Fryer & K Baj), 2 D-One 906 (N Favell), 3 505 8489 (T Carr & W Gordon)
Race 2: 1 RS400 721 (R Fryer & K Baj), 2 RS400 454 (P Harlow & L Pierce), 3 D-One 906 (N Favell)
Race 3: 1 RS400 721 (R Fryer & K Baj), 2 D-One 906 (N Favell)

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