16th June Summer Act 1

The sailing programme suggests it’s now summer however many will need convincing of this.

It was low water at 11.00 so little tide during all three races although the bonus of a flood tide in the later half of the racing making the beats a little shorter.

It was yet another week of three races with three different winners.

Team Custard (RS400) and Nick (Phantom) opened up a good lead in race one resulting in the two completing an additional lap and claiming first and second on corrected time

Race two, the same two led the fleet but this time it was Nick who emerged the winner with Paul (Solution) twenty seconds behind on corrected time in second.

Race three, everyone got to do four laps, Paul pacing himself well winning by over two minutes on corrected time with the ever consistent (when there’s some wind!) Nick in second just one second ahead of Richard, who had swapped his Vareo for a Club Laser.

Next week is the clubs main event of the year, the 75th Anniversary Beach Regatta, two days of sailing and both Phil and the BBC forecasting a great weekend of weather and sailing. Full details on the club website.

We will be joined by Phantom and RS Vareo sailors so it’s likely to be busy. There will be a meal at the club on Saturday night, please join us if you can.

Full results are on the club web site

Sailwave results for GYGSC Summer Series 2024 at Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Sailing Club 2024

9th June Hopton Race

It was the first of the two Passage race days, the westerly F3-4 wind meant a long reach to Hopton and back. HW was scheduled for 11.40.

Twelve boats launched, seven of which were RS classes with four RS400’s. The race team set a beat to an inshore mark in order to separate the fleet before they headed off to Hopton.

Countdown to racing

Richard & Kyle (RS400) and Jamie (Laser) got off to the best starts and initially held a small lead. By the time the leaders rounded the windward mark it was a pack of RS boats ahead.

As the fleet sailed off to Hopton it was clear the reach was tight as all the asymmetrics struggled to fly their kites and hold course to the Hopton mark. With the tide still flooding it was a relatively quick trip. The return reach proved a little tighter…..and longer with no one attempting to fly spinnakers.

Race time

After two laps Phil (RS700) was first to cross the line, with three RS400’s finishing next with Richard & Kyle second, Adam & Jordon (RS400) third and Richard & Robyn fourth.

The reaching legs clearly suited Simon (Laser) who finished not far behind.

On corrected time  it proved to be a good choice by Steve to get his trusty ‘Pocket Rocket’ out of storage by taking the win by just over a minute with Simon second, Richard & Kyle third and Jamie fourth.

Phil’s Garmin recorded the race distance at just over eleven miles.

Heading for Hopton

The trip to Hopton clearly took its toll on many resulting in a much reduced fleet for the windward leeward race. Surprisingly, there was still a slight flood tide but by the end of the race it was slack water. Simon nailed the start with Adam & Jordan eventually taking the lead and crossing the line first with Simon second and Richard (Vareo) third. Simon winning on corrected time.

Thanks to the race team of Dave, John and Paul who stood in at short notice.

Full results are on the club web site http://www.gygsc.org.uk/Results/2024/2024Hopton.htm

The race team took a few pictures which are on the club Flickr site


6th June Thursday Evening

What a contrast to last Thursday evening’s grim weather. The sun made an occasional appearance, the temperature now in mid teens and there was a F2-3 from the SE as we made ready to launch. Phil even put his trapeze harness on hoping to use the full potential of the Contender!

We were joined by Nico & Luna from France. They have been sailing on the Spanish galleon ‘Galeon Andalucia’ which is currently docked in Great Yarmouth. They first joined Phil on the RIB, helping out on race duty before boarding smaller craft to what they have been use to in the form of a RS Vareo and RS400 for a rather sedate sail.

A warm welome to our visitors

Everyone was keen to get sailing and by half six the RIB was launched and boats were beginning to get on the water. Unfortunately by this time the wind had eased to a F1-2. Once again racing started before seven, well done Phil. Another single hander dominated fleet with Richard & Ed, aka Team Brown, sailing a RS400 representing the two-man fleet. Needless to say it was the 400 which led the fleet around the windward leeward course in each race.

Race one start

Race one – After lap one Team Brown led with Adam (Streaker) and Richard (Vareo) the next to cross the gate. The wind eased a tad for lap two, Team Brown increased their lead to nearly two minutes, Adam crossing the line next with Dave (Vareo) third, recovering from a poor start, managing to get into irons just before the gun.

Race two start

Race two- Team Brown guided the fleet round the course, after lap one Dave was second with Harry (Laser Radial) next. On the second lap Harry and Adam spent most of the final run to the line neck and neck with Harry just holding on to cross the line a few seconds ahead.

Race three start

Race three- a tad more wind, and only a small tad ! Team Brown moved up a gear building up a three minute lead at the finish.  Dave, now sailing a Streaker crossed the line in second closely followed by Adam, now in a Vareo and Chris (Laser) finishing four seconds ahead of Harry.

Another week of three races and three different winners which demonstrates the closeness of the racing, with Adam winning race one, Harry race two and Dave race three.

Needlessly to say Phil never got to use his trapeze harness .

Heading home

Thanks to the race team for a pleasant if leisurely sail.  We wish Nico & Luna a good and safe trip next week when they continue their journey aboard the Andalucia, which they first started in April and now head  back across the North Sea to the Netherlands.

Full results are on the club web site


Pictures on the club Flickr site, thanks to the photographers, both offshore and onshore.


30th May Thursday Evening

Someone needs to remind the weather gods it’s suppose to be summer….

It was a very gloomy evening at Gorleston, very overcast, very grey clouds, rain and the wind was howling thro the rigging of the boats in the dinghy park. The temperature was barely in double figures, it could easily have been another Bank Holiday !

Needless to say several regulars opted to stay home. Some who did venture down then opted to stay ashore and drink coffee.

Despite the F4, the sea was surprisingly flat and eventually the rain stopped. Four hardy sailors did venture out, three Lasers and a Streaker. Chris managed to find his Radial sail and rig which he had for 10 years and as yet not used.

As it turned out it was quite a good sail with only a couple of capsizes.

The race team managed to squeeze in three races. It was a good evening for the two Laser 4.7’s, Ellie winning all three.  Adam managed to separate them in race one with a second place but it was a 1,2 for Ellie and Harry in the second and third races.

Hats off to the race team of Richard and Michael who must have been a bit chilly sitting in the RIB.

Thanks to all who helped on ‘shore duty’ when the boats came ashore, many hands make light work.

Thankfully the forecast for Sunday looks  quite nice.

Full results are on the club web site


Videos of Start 2 & 3 on the club Flickr site


26th May Spring Series

It was a typical Bank Holiday day when we arrived at the club. Overcast skies and raining. There wasn’t a lot of enthusiasm to rig the boats and go sailing. However, having spent a little time mulling over the alternatives it stopped raining and brightened up. Phil promised the forecast for the day was good so we dispersed to make ready. Nine boats were rigged and ready to launch, by which time the clouds had begun to disperse. There was a good F3 from the SE and the flood tide was still present.

James, winner of race one

Race 1- Richard and Robyn (RS400) led the fleet after lap one, unfortunately a spinnaker situation resulted in a retirement in order to sort it out. This left Adam & Jordan (RS400) to take the lead which they held to the finish with James N finishing just over a minute later.

Dave was the next casualty when a traveller fitting broke on his Laser Radial, a quick trip to shore and ‘borrowing’ a spare fitting from another Laser allowed him to join the rest of the races.

Dave, winner of race two

Race 2 – Still a little flood tide but not much. Steve was now adapting to the conditions in the Unit, leading from start to finish. The two 400’s were only a few seconds apart throughout the race with Richard & Robyn crossing the line just two seconds ahead. James N had a good first lap being only a short distance behind the two 400’s, unfortunately on the second beat his tiller parted company with the rudder resulting in lost time replacing it.

RS400’s playing cat and mouse

Race 3 – more or less slack tide although the ebb started to kick in by the end of the race. The wind eased a bit during the race although it was to return later. The 400’s and Unit pulled away from the rest of the fleet and gained an extra lap. James N led the rest of the pack finishing over two minutes ahead of the next boat.

Steve, winner of race three

By the time the race had finished the wind had built to a good F3 and there were a few white horses. Returning to shore proved an exercise in seamanship but made easier thanks to Phil and Darell who were waiting on shore to assist.

For the third time in a row we had three different race winners once the results were calculated,  with James winning the first race, Dave the second and Steve the third.

Thanks to the Race team of Rosie, Bethany, Richard & Steve who provided a great course allowing a good days sailing.

Full results are on the club web site http://www.gygsc.org.uk/Results/2024/2024Spring.htm

The race team took some pictures which are on the club Flickr site


23rd May Thursday evening

There was a good F3 from the West on arrival at the club, the sun was shining and a gentle sea state, just the ingredients for a pleasant evening sail. With everyone making a effort to rig and launch in a timely manner we actually managed to start racing two minutes early !

Eight boats, a good mixture of classes but all single-handers lined up on the start line.

Adam leads race one – the picture belies the light level.

Race 1 – By the time racing started the wind was F2-3. Michael made an early bid for the lead, unfortunately this included being two boat lengths over the line resulting in a quick U turn. This left Adam and Richard to lead the fleet after lap one although Richard was to become the first casualty of the mysterious attraction of the little orange mark!

Race two gets a clean start

After three laps Adam (Streaker) crossed the line first with Phil (Contender), Harry (Laser Rad) and Phil (Phantom) crossing within a few seconds of each other.

Streaking away!

Race 2 – Adam shot off at the start building up a thirty second lead after two laps. Richard (Vareo) led the chasing pack just ahead of Phantom Phil.

Adam claimed line honours but Richard had closed the gap to just two seconds with Chris (Laser) sneaking in front of the ‘Phil’s on the last lap.

Race 3 and the wind is beginning to ease.

Race 3 – By this time the wind had now eased to F1-2. Adam managed to pull off a port end flyer taking a good lead up the first beat. Darell become the second victim on the little orange mark, managing to first get his centreboard caught on the warp then, having freed this managed to get his rudder caught. Meanwhile, Richard had a good first beat to lead after lap one followed by the ‘Phils’. Unfortunately for Contender Phil, he was about to become the third victim of the little orange mark, although it has to be said, by first capsizing and clearing his centreboard from the anchor warp it proved to be a quick, if not wet method.  As the boats sailed the second lap the wind had eased to a F1 so the race team shortened the course. Richard maintained his lead with Phantom Phil second.

Fatal attraction – the mysterious attraction of the ‘little orange mark’

On corrected time there were three different race winners, Harry winning the first, Adam the second and Richard the last race.

In addition to the little orange mark transgressors, there were rumours of a few hitting the big orange mark (windward mark) although this was out of sight of the race team and  so unable to verify this.

Full results are on the club web site


Pictures on the club Flickr site


Heading to shore after a lovely evenings sail

May 19th Spring series

‘A cracking days sailing’ is how a well known claymation character would have described Sundays sailing. Costa de Gorleston provided blue skies, a F3-4 wind and temperature almost at 20 degrees. The icing on the cake was the tide assisting the upwind legs providing long downwind legs which provided some excellent surfing conditions, particularly for the asymmetrics.

There was quite a mixture of classes, eight to be precise, lined up along the prom, ranging from a vintage Unit class to a RS700. The RS400’s were the largest fleet with four boats.

Don & Mark’s sailing was halted when the rudder came off their 400 on their way to the start line, resulting in an early return to shore.

Racing underway

Race 1 – Everyone was quite cautious at the start of race one, it was easy to be over at the start with the tide taking over the line. Some timed it well, others were over cautious and were a little late. The fleet split, some venturing offshore, more tide but lumpy sea, some stayed closer to shore in smoother waters. At the mark there appeared to be little difference in the two routes with Adam & Jordan leading the pack of RS400’s, closely followed by Nick in his Phantom.

After five laps Dave & John (400) had opened up a good lead, with the other two RS400’s and Nick finishing within eight seconds of each other. Next to finish was James, sailing his OK, just ahead of a tightly packed group of three.

Asymmetrics enjoying the downwind rides

Race 2 – A clean start with Richard & Robyn (400) leading to the windward mark. Most ventured inshore although a few opted to go offshore for more wind although this meant more tide. Another five lapper with Dave & John claiming line honours, behind, the Unit had joined the following pack of 400’s and the Phantom. Next, a pack of three led by the Contender, just ahead of the OK, who was just ahead of Paul, in his Solution.

We were joined by some Kite Surfers and Wing Foilers

The wind had eased slightly for the final race. Richard & Robyn and Adam & Jordan enjoyed a race long tussle, the former leading after the first lap but Adam & Jordan eventually pulling ahead to take line honours. The Phantom was never far behind. After three laps only 40 seconds separated the remaining boats led by the Unit.  Unfortunatley a capsize  for the Unit and the Solution halted their progress leaving the Contender to finish next and then the OK.

Curtis puts the hammer down

On corrected time there were three different winners, Dave &John (400) winning race one, Steve (Unit) race two and James (OK) the final race

With only two more weeks to go in the series Nick looks to be the man to beat holding a good lead over second placed Dave & John,.

Adam & Jordan were the start line kings of the day

Thanks to the Race team for a great days sailing, just need to ensure conditions are like this every week. Inbetween their race duties thy managed to take several pictures with are now on the club Flickr site.

Full results are on the club web site http://www.gygsc.org.uk/Results/2024/2024Spring.htm

Pictures on the club Flickr site


Pick of the day

May 12th Spring series

Everyone was looking forward to a lovely day on the water, the forecast was good, clear blue skies and temperature in high teens. However, the wind had other ideas and despite periods of a F2 breeze from the SE, there were longer periods of little or no wind.

The periods of little wind seemed to coincide with us approaching the offshore mark, i.e. in the strongest tide which made progress very, very slow. Patience and a prayer to the appropriate deity was the order of the day.

‘Racing’ about to commence

Eight boats started the day but only three had the stamina for the third race.

The single handers continued to take top honours, this week Nick, sailing his Phantom taking three bullets. Adam and Jordan, sailing a RS400 were the best of the rest taking three seconds.

Thanks to the race team for their patience.

Results are on the club web site http://www.gygsc.org.uk/Results/2024/2024Spring.htm

‘Action shots’ on the club Flickr site


Phil in full race mode

9th May Thursday evening

Sunshine, temperature in the high teens and a F3 from the SE, conditions were looking good for a pleasant Thursday evening sail. The forecast did however suggest the wind would ease later so we eagerly got boats rigged and RIB ready in order to start on time.

Eight boats launched with the Lasers making half the fleet, with Ed and Phil sailing the two club Lasers joining Chris and Richard.

Chris leads the fleet in race one

The usual short race format was planned in order to get two races in. At the start of race one the tide had already started to flood and the wind around F2-3. Chris timed the start well and took an early lead. After the first lap the fleet was led by two lasers with Chris holding a fifteen second lead over Richard. The three asymmetrics were making slow progress downwind and were a little way behind. Chris held the lead to take both line honours and the race win. Adrian (D-One) recovered from a poor first lap, crossing the line next with Richard a few seconds behind and on corrected time was second.

The race team executed a slight course change before race two to compensate for the tide and wind. By this time the wind had dropped to a F1-2.  Adam (Streaker) won the start and led the fleet from start to finish. Initially the chasing fleet were lead by Richard and Phil & Lorna (400) but after the final lap Adrian had moved up to second on the water with Dave (Vareo) and Richard one second apart at the line.  Adam scored a comfortable win on corrected time with Richard second

Thanks to Jamie and Richard for for a pleasant evenings sail. Once ashore Chef Brown served a selection of his ‘Butchers’ pies.

Full results are on the club web site


Pictures on the club Flickr site


Phil ‘luvvin’ the Laser !!

Spring Series 5th May

The forecasted mist must have cleared early as Gorleston was bathed with sunshine when we arrived for Act 4 of the Spring series, a pleasant change from the previous few weeks.

The wind began as a F2 increasing to F3-4 by the end of the day. With low water at 13.45 it meant a beat into the tide so a tough day for the hiking boats.

Steve turned up with his latest WMD, a lovely wooden ‘Unit’ class dinghy which Steve obviously had spent considerable time working on. Apparently only 10 were ever made and Steve has two of them. This was going to prove an upgrade to his ‘Pocket Rocket’ Europe and will be now referred to as Steve’s Saturn V.

Racing about to commence

Race One – wind still F2 but increased throughout the race. RS700 Phil made quick work of the beat to lead by some distance at the line. After lap one Dave & John led Richard & Rosie by a few seconds. Just behind, the rest of the fleet were closely packed with Saturn V just ahead.

Richard & Rosie moved into second position on the next lap and held this to the line. Steve was taming the Saturn V finding some good upwind speed putting in two quick final laps.

Jostling for position

Race 2 – wind around F3 and now SSE. The RS700 did a horizon job eventually lapping some. The leading RS400’s were joined by the Saturn V at the windward mark, which was matching them upwind. Just behind Nick, sailing his Phantom led pack of three boats. The RS700 was so far ahead Phil earned an extra lap so the first boat to cross the line was the RS400 of Dave & John with Saturn V just pipping Richard & Rosie. The long beats suited Phil in his Contender as he pulled ahead of the other to finish forth. Richard had a potentially boat damaging incident when the shroud broke on his RS Vareo whilst flying the spinny, some quick reactions pulling the spinny down avoided any problems.

The asymmetrics lead downwind

Race Three – Wind still a steady F3, after lap one the RS700 had a lead of nearly two minutes. The conditions were proving ideal for the Saturn V with Steve enjoying some close sailing with the RS400’s, at the line only a few seconds separated the three of them.

On corrected time the upwind speed of the Saturn V proved good enough to win all three races. The RS700 scored three seconds, and very close on time to the Saturn V in the first two races. Third place honours were shared by the RS400’s.

Thanks to the race team for a great days sailing. It proved to be a tiring day for the hiking boats.

Results are on the club web site http://www.gygsc.org.uk/Results/2024/2024Spring.htm