Club Rs400 & Lasers

Club Boats are available to hire to members of GYGSC

2 Lasers and a RS400 at the following charges

Club Laser
Club RS400

Day Member

Annual Member

  1. Anyone hiring a boat will need to have an appropriate level of experience for the boat and the sailing conditions on the day.
  2. Pre-arranged hire will take priority over hire on the day so please book in advance to be sure.
  3. NON MEMBERS: Boats may be hired by non – members who are interested in becoming a regular member of the Club, perhaps to see what boat might suit you, subject to the above. A Day Membership will be required (currently £5 per person)
  4. Availability of boats is subject to the requirements of the Club such as training / open days
  5. A £50 excess is due for significant/critical damage incurred by members sailing club boats
  6. Any prospective new member who is interested in getting back into sailing and would like to discuss boats etc then please contact Phil Harlow (Commodore) email;

Club Boat Hire form available here