End of Season

Despite a few regulars away attending open meetings it was a good turn out of twelve boats for the End of Season trophy. Competitors were rewarded by unseasonal warm weather, a nice breeze and flat seas. Beating into surprisingly strong tide meant that everyone ducked for the shore and short tacked up the beach. Chris Sallis dominated the day with convincing wins chased hard at times by Richard Brown with his son crewing.

Race one, we won’t mention any names but with a strong tide to contend with, some boats took over 2 minutes to cross the start line. Once across the line the fleet headed inshore to get out of the tide except for a certain Contender sailor not remembering that there’s a tide at Gorleston. Chris Sallis was first to the windward mark closely followed by Richard and young Ed in their RS400. Over the water and on corrected time the race was won by Chris and second over the water was Richard and Ed. However, Nick Favell in his Phantom was close behind and just pipped Richard and Ed for second on corrected time. The race was finished after just 2 laps so the race team could alter the course after the wind had shifted.

Race two – The wind had picked up a little and by now everyone had allowed for the tide on the start line! Again Chris leading the way around the course and finished 3 minutes ahead of the next boat, Phil Highfield in his RS700. Nick claimed another second and Keith and Anna claiming third over Richard and Ed by one second on corrected time.
Race three saw a few changes in helms/crews with the Race Office, David Brief taking charge of Nicks Phantom and with the wind continuing to increase Richard swapped his light wind crew, ‘Little Ed’ for ‘Big Phil’.

Once again everyone hugging the shore line to keep out of the tide with Chris continuing his good form leading the fleet to claim line honours with Richard and ‘Big Phil’ taking second.
After the racing it was back to the clubhouse for pies and prize giving in the sunshine with Chris graciously donating the gin to Lorna.
The Race team were grateful for the entertainment provided by some, namely the person who, despite his recent European Championship experience manged to capsize in the lightest winds of the day and a certain RS500 helm who having ‘tea bagged’ his crew then missed the gate. Full results on the club website.

Autumn Series Act 6

With an offshore breeze it was always likely to be a day of shifty and gusty winds , and that proved to be the case. Nine boats launched in sunshine and a very flat sea, with a mix of seven different classes. Ed launched the latest addition to his fleet, a Spitfire Cat choosing to spend the day cruising. The race team set a large windward/leeward course with the windward mark positioned offshore of the café.
Race one, David Brief (Shadow) led the fleet closely followed by the 700 of Phil and the 800 of Jamie & Will. Behind was a collection of 400’s and a 500 but leading them was Chris Sallis in his D-One. The Shadow built up a good lead eventually lapping some boats however, on corrected time Chris just pipped David by a few seconds
Race two, the 700 led after the first lap with the Shadow and 800 close behind. Dave & John (400) held a short lead over the rest of the fleet. After the second lap the Shadow had taken the lead and Chris had overtaken Dave & John. On the third lap Richard and Robyn (400) had the perfect beat to round the windward mark just ahead of Chris and Dave & John. However, these positions were reversed the next lap and with the leading group not too far ahead these three claimed the podium places on corrected time.
Race three, the race team did a very efficient course change as the wind moved a tad to the North. Despite a larger course things were close rounding the windward mark on the first lap. The fleet split downwind with those choosing to go left appearing to benefit. At the line Chris was close to the faster boats to claim a good win, making it three out of three.
Race four, with a few teams choosing to go ashore it was a depleted fleet for the bonus race. The 700 and 800 had a close battle for the lead with only two seconds separating them after the first lap and again at the line. On corrected time the 700 pipped the 400 of Richard & Robyn by a few seconds with the 500 of Anna & Keith third. By the time the fleet headed ashore the sunshine had ended, replaced by some very grey clouds making it feel decidedly autumnal.
Many thanks to the race team of Richard, Doug and young Ed for a great days sailing.   Full results on the club website

Autumn Series Act 3

From the prom conditions looked challenging with the sea looking rather ‘lumpy’. However with a warm F4 SW-erly, enthusiasm was high so we all got on with it and launched. Race one saw a few casualties, Phil A (Contender) retiring with a centreboard problem and Dave & John(400) heading home early after the gennaker sheet untied itself and an attempt to re-tie it didn’t work well! Jamie & Tamsin (800) led the pack to take second place on corrected time with the 500 sailed by Phil H & Keith showing good pace to take top spot. In race two Jamie & Tamsin stormed ahead building up a good lead to take top spot with Nick, this week sailing his Phantom showing good pace upwind to finish second. In the final race the 800 ‘s gennaker parted company with the bowsprit ending their day, Nick crossed the finish line first to take the win with the 500 second. Thanks to the race team for an excellent race line which with wind across tide is not always easy to do and a splendid days sailing…….well for those who managed to last longer than the first race ! Full results on the club website

Autumn Series Act 2

After the disappointing Bank Holiday Weekend it was nice to get back to what has been for some time normal for Gorleston, i.e. unbroken sunshine and temperature around 20 degrees. With the wind coming from the SE the flooding tide made short work of the upwind legs and with conditions so good the race team were easily persuaded to add a fourth race.
Chris & Matt in their Taser showed great upwind speed often being first boat to round the windward mark on the first lap. This hopefully bodes well for their forthcoming trip to Hayling Island for the Taser Nationals.
In race one the D-Ones of Steve and Nick led the way off wind opening up a good lead on the rest of the fleet to comfortably win on corrected time. Mid fleet Phil & Lorna (400) and Anna & Keith (500) enjoyed a close battle throughout the race with just a four seconds between them after two laps. However, on the final lap the 500 crept ahead to finish nearly twenty seconds ahead.
In race two Dave & guest crew Kristoff (400) led the fleet closely pursued by the D-One’s of Nick and Don, with the 400 taking the win on corrected time.
In races three and four Dave & Kristoff led the fleet, hotly pursued by D-One Don. On corrected time honours were shared with the 400 winning the third race and the D-One the fourth. Race three saw another close tussle between Phil & Lorna and Anna & Keith, once again just a few seconds separating them after two laps. This time the 400 managed to creep ahead on the final lap but not quite far enough to hold their handicap.
Many thanks to the race team of Tom and Phil for their patience sitting on the start line for four races watching the rest of us having a lovely sail.  Full results on the club website

2 ! Buoy Challenge Races

3 2 Buoy Challenge Race

With the forecast predicting 25 knots later in the day there was some deliberation on the prom as to whether to venture out or not. However, with the sea looking reasonably flat and the wind still manageable, seven boats decided to venture out for 3 Buoy Challenge races, although it was now going to be the 2 Buoy Challenge races. There were several new crew pairings for the day with David Brief swapping his Shadow to crew in a 400 with Richard Fryer, Robyn Ollington swapping one 400 for another sailing with Don D’onions and Ed Anderson sailing with Keith Sykes in a 500. Race one started in a relatively light wind with Dave & John (400) leading round the windward mark with Richard and David (400) just a few seconds behind and Don & Robyn third. The wind increased during the final lap which saw Phil and Lorna (400) going for an uncharacteristic swim on the last gybe.
The wind was a F4 for the second race. Richard and David outpaced everyone upwind to lead around the first mark and built up a good lead by the end of the race. Dave & John finished second and after a close tussle throughout the race Don & Robyn just pipped Tom &John (505) over the line. Ed and Keith were fairing well until Ed decided to jump ship resulting in an unscheduled capsize for the 500. Thanks to the race team for a well organised and enjoyable days sailing. Full results on the club web site


Summer Series Act 7

Once again conditions were near perfect at Gorleston for Act 7 of the Summer series. Temperature in the mid twenties, cloudless skies and a F2 SE’erly which increased toF3-4 during the day. Four RS400’s and a mixture of other classes made up the fleet which left the beach which was aleady filling up with sun worshippers!.
Chris (D-One) and Dave & John (RS400) had a close battle during race one with just a few seconds between them until the final lap when Chris’s better downwind speed saw him open up a clear lead at the finish line. However, Keith, swapping RS500 for his Laser had been sailing well to beat Chris on corrected time by just 3 seconds.
The wind increased to F3-4 for races two and three in which Chris gradually left the RS400’s behind to lead by over a minute in both races to claim first place. Dave & John managed to keep ahead of the other 400’s to claim second in both and David (Shadow X), who managed to lap several boats claiming third in both.
In the final race of the day David built up a huge lead and managed to hold his time to claim first place, beating Richard &guest crew Krxysztof by one second.
Many thanks to the race team who set a great course, arranged great weather and turned around the races in quick time. . Full results on the club website.


Thursday Evening – 26th July

For the early arrivals at Gorleston things looked very promising with a lovely warm ESE’erly F3-4 breeze . There was a gentle flood tide which was to prove a hinderance to some on the start line. Eight boats took to the water including four lasers providing some good class racing for their helms. With a three short race format planned, it was going to be a busy evening. By the time the racing started the wind had eased to a F2-3. With many boats crowding the line early it looked possible for a recall but only one boat was over with the others managing to counter-act the impact of the tide just in time. Don, sailing his D-One had a set back when his clew strap decided to detach itself from the boom just before the start. With some help from the race team this was rectified and Don was able to join the racing but generously giving the others several minutes head start. Richard F(300) made a quick recovery from his premature start and soon lead the fleet towards the windward mark rounding just ahead of the Phil and Lorna(400) and the Laser of Tamsin. With the wind easing slightly it made for slow progress downwind. The 300 held off the 400 to cross the line first but close behind was Tamsin and the Lasers of Keith and Richard B, resulting in a Laser 1,2,3 on corrected time. There was a clean start in race two and Richard F quickly took the lead. At the windward mark he had a good lead on the rest of the fleet lead by Phil and Lorna and Keith establishing a small lead on the other Lasers. There appeared to be a little more wind on the south side of the course so most of the fleet headed start inshore with the added bonus of avoiding the remains of the flood tide. Positions remained unchanged at the line with Richard F crossing over a minute ahead of the 400 and Keith third. Tamsin stayed in front of the other two Lasers who were neck and neck all the way down to the line with Richard B just beating Daryl by 4 seconds. The D-One’s were having their own battle with only a few seconds separating them all round the course with Don just beating Adrian by a few seconds at the line. On corrected time Richard F was first beating Keith by just one second ! By the time the third race started the wind was teasing everyone occasionally showing signs of life but more often than not it was only a F1…..ish, with the sea now more resembling a mill pond. At the windward mark the 300 and 400 rounded close together with a big gap to the rest of the fleet led by D-One Don. Phil and Lorna must have been fully concentrating downwind as they slowly built up a small lead over Richard F to cross the line first. On corrected time it was a dead heat between them and Richard F with Don beating Keith by one second for third place. With the sun just setting as we headed back ashore it was a lovely end to very pleasant evenings sailing. Many thanks to young Ed and Noah for their assistance on the committee boat and to Phil and Lorna for organising supper. Full results on the club website.


Summer Series Act 6

Nine boats took to the water, for what was best described by Will, the OOD as ‘a mixture of sailing pleasure’! For what is becoming the norm at the moment, we ‘suffered’ beautiful blue skies and temperature in the mid twenties. With low water forecasted at 11.38 race one started with a weakening ebbing tide and a shifty F2-3 from the West. With lots of opportunities to make or lose places in the shifty wind the 400’s appeared to managed well taking the top three places with Dave and John claiming top spot. During the countdown to the start of race two the sea breeze decided to make an appearance, converging with the land breeze at the start line, result… wind coming in all directions and sometimes not at all ! Only Richard & Carol (400) and Richard & Robyn(400) crossing the line on time with the rest of the fleet struggling to make the tide as the wind played it’s games. A short way up the ‘beat’ the sea breeze filled resulting in a drag race to the mark. The race team sensibly shortened the race after lap one with Richard & Carol well clear of the fleet, Richard & Robyn holding on the their second and just eight seconds separating the next four boats with Keith & Anna (500) claiming third. The next two races provided the best sailing of the day with a reasonably steady ENE’erly F2-3. In race three Dave & John caught some good pressure on the first downwind leg to open up a short lead on Richard & Carol which they maintained to the finish. Don (D-One) showed good downwind speed staying close to the two leading 400’s throughout the race to claim third place. Due to the pleasant conditions the race team kindly offered to run an extra race which was greatly appreciated. This provided some very close racing between the 400’s of Richard & Carol, Richard & Robyn and Dave & John. With the latter leading at the windward mark but leaving the gybe to the leeward gate a little late these three were almost side by side going down to the leeward gate. It remained close on second lap with Dave & John just pipping Richard & Carol on the line with Richard & ​Robyn third. Just behind were the D-One’s of Nick and Don who had been having their own close tussle with Nick just beating Don over the line.
Huge thanks to the race team of Will, Tom, Matt & Ed for a most enjoyable days sailing.



Thursday Evening 190718

A pleasant evenings sailing was enjoyed by all on Thursday with two races sailed in a warm SE F2 wind. With 2 x D-One’s, 2 x RS300’s and 2 x Lasers only the RS500 was without a sailing buddy. Richard Fryer (RS300) set the pace all evening leading both races from start to finish despite some confusion round the windward mark in the first race, was it port or starboard ! In race one the two Lasers were neck and neck until the final lap when Richard Brown managed to break free to lead Tamsin at the finish line. In the second race Dave Houghton (300) and Don O’nions (D-One) spent most of the race rounding the marks together but Don’s better upwind pace saw him open up a short lead on the penultimate beat which he held until the finish. Big thanks to Phil and Lorna for once again stepping in as Race Officers. With only two more weeks (officially) to go it’s a Laser 1, 2 as Tamsin leads Richard by 3.5 points with only Keith and Anna (Laser/RS500) able to threaten the top two. Full results on the Results page





Summer Series Act 5

Another great days sailing at Gorleston. Unbroken sunshine, a warm F3-4 from the SE and temperatures in the 20’s, what’s not to like.
Race 1 was sailed in the last of the flood tide so most of the fleet headed offshore for the beat. David Brief (Shadow X) rounded the windward mark first and led the fleet throughout the race. Behind, the D-Ones and RS400’s were battling it out with Chris Sallis (D-One) leading the 400’s of Richard Fryer & Carols Smalls and Dave Houghton & John Symonds. Close behind the D-Ones of Nick Favell and Don O’nions were neck and neck and just behind them the 400’s of Simon Beckett from WOBYC and Phil Harlow & Lorna Peirce. Sallis maintained his position throughout the race take his first win of the day with Houghton & Symonds second.
Race 2 was sailed in minimal tide and there was a split in the fleet going upwind for the first time. At the windward mark it was those who went inshore who appeared to gain. Brief did a horizon job on the fleet lapping all bar the top three. Sallis continued his good form to lead the D-One / RS400 pack to take another first with Fryer & Smalls just pipping Brief to take second.
The wind had increased and the sea a little more choppy for the final race of the day. The ebb tide seemed reluctant to set so once again there appeared little tide to contend with. Sallis continued his good form to take his third win with Fryer & Smalls just pipping Houghton & Symonds on the line to take second.
Full results on the club website