2 ! Buoy Challenge Races

3 2 Buoy Challenge Race

With the forecast predicting 25 knots later in the day there was some deliberation on the prom as to whether to venture out or not. However, with the sea looking reasonably flat and the wind still manageable, seven boats decided to venture out for 3 Buoy Challenge races, although it was now going to be the 2 Buoy Challenge races. There were several new crew pairings for the day with David Brief swapping his Shadow to crew in a 400 with Richard Fryer, Robyn Ollington swapping one 400 for another sailing with Don D’onions and Ed Anderson sailing with Keith Sykes in a 500. Race one started in a relatively light wind with Dave & John (400) leading round the windward mark with Richard and David (400) just a few seconds behind and Don & Robyn third. The wind increased during the final lap which saw Phil and Lorna (400) going for an uncharacteristic swim on the last gybe.
The wind was a F4 for the second race. Richard and David outpaced everyone upwind to lead around the first mark and built up a good lead by the end of the race. Dave & John finished second and after a close tussle throughout the race Don & Robyn just pipped Tom &John (505) over the line. Ed and Keith were fairing well until Ed decided to jump ship resulting in an unscheduled capsize for the 500. Thanks to the race team for a well organised and enjoyable days sailing. Full results on the club web site