Summer Series Act 5 – Wind and waves!

It was a rather overcast day at Gorleston for Act 5 of the Summer series. However, with a F3-4 Northerly wind and the tide assisting the upwind legs it made for some great downwind legs.
In race one Will & Seb (29ER) led from the start putting in a great first lap to lead by over two minutes. Behind the RS400’s of Richard & Carol and Dave & John were having a close battle with Richard & Carol just ahead at the windward mark. It was in at the deep end for Steve who was persuaded to helm Keith’s RS500 for a first time experience of asymmetric sailing. They were going well upwind but downwind was to prove more difficult. Unfortunately a problem with the jib sheets cut short their sailing. With the wind against tide the sea was becoming ‘lumpy’ but did provide some great surfing on the downwind legs. With the wind also increasing there was also a few capsizes! Will & Seb maintained their lead crossing the line well ahead to win on corrected time. The battle of the 400’s continued throughout the race with Dave & John just beating Richard & Carol for second.
With the increased sea state and wind there was a reduced number of starters for race two. Will & Seb once again led after lap one although not so far behind were Sam & Chris (29ER) closely followed by Dave & John and Phil (700). Despite some ‘dodgy’ gybes there was only one capsize ‘during’ the race. Will & Seb consolidated their lead crossing the line over three minutes ahead and winning on corrected time. Dave & John and Phil crossed the line together and on attempting to drop their spinnakers capsized together. Well, if you are going to capsize that’s the time to do it.
Many thanks to the race team for great but testing days sailing and for being there when we needed you !
Good luck to Sam & Chris who are attending the NSSA Championship at Weymouth later this month and to Will & Seb who are attending the 29ER Europeans at Garda in August.

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Thursday 11th July

With forecasts of thundery showers it was with some trepidation sailors rigged their boats. In reality it was to be a very warm sunny evening with a F2 SSE breeze. Seven boats launched onto a smooth-ish sea with an ebb  tide. The race team managed to fit two races into the evenings programme. With the beat into the tide it favoured the faster boats upwind. The downwind legs evened things out as the tide probably provided as much speed over ground as the wind!
The wind held for race one. Dan and Andy were testing the club 400 which would include their first spinnaker launch!

Start of race 1

Steve, now back in his Europe port tacked the fleet and was first to cross the line. Once the others had tacked onto port they followed Steve along the shoreline. Once again the timing of tacking offshore to the windward mark was crucial, too early and you suffered another tack in the tide, most opting to over stand the mark with the leading boats over standing it some what and reaching to the mark on the first lap. First round were the two fastest boats, Dan & Andy (400) and Dave (300) with a small lead on the rest of the fleet which they slowly extended going on to complete an additional lap to the others. Ed, sailing a Topper and the slowest boat by far was finding the upwind legs a challenge but persevered and managed to complete the course.

Ed prepares for the racing

Dave won on corrected time with Richard Brown (Solution) second and Richard Foster (Laser) third.

Start of race 2

Richard F (Laser) and Dave(300) learnt their lesson from race one and port tacked the fleet in race two. After the first lap Dave had opened up a good lead. The wind had started to drop, making the downwind legs rather ‘sloppy’……if that’s a useable sailing term!  Dave recorded his second win, Richard B his second second !  with Dan & Andy putting in a good second lap to pip Richard F for third.
Thanks to ‘Team Phil’, aka messrs Harlow and Alison for manning the committee boat and Lorna for ensuring supper was ready when we got back onshore.

End of the day

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Summer Series Act 4

Strong tides and aching legs!!!

It was another lovely sunny day at Gorleston for Act 4 of the Summer series. Eleven boats took to the water for what was going to be a tough day on the water for the hiking boats!
With the wind from the NE and a strong flood tide it was easy to choose your route upwind, stick to the shore for as long as possible. Choosing at what point to head off shore to the windward mark proved decisive with most playing safe and over standing it.

David Brief (Shadow-X) quickly took the lead in race one opening up a big gap on the rest of the fleet. Chris Sallis & Matt Frary (Tasar) led the rest of the fleet showing great upwind speed which bodes well for their World Championship at Hayling Island later this month. Sam Briggs & Chris Haslam (29ER) sailed a good second lap to cross the line second. On corrected time Chris & Matt took the win with David second.

David had another lonely sail in race two eventually lapping a few boats and completing an extra lap. The RS400’s of Dave Houghton & John Symonds and Richard Brown & Robyn Ollington led the fleet on the first lap with just a few seconds between them. Further back Steve Whitby, sailing a Minisail, the slowest boat on the water by some margin was showing great tenacity on the long slogs up wind. His efforts were to be rewarded with a win on corrected time with Dave & John second.

Although race three started well after the forecasted high water the flood tide was still flooding. The long beats had taken their toll with a few boats returning to shore. David once again opened up a good lead on the fleet. Dave & John and Sam & Chris enjoyed a close battle for the first two laps with the latter opening up a gap on the final lap. Just behind Richard & Robyn were fighting it out with Nick Favell (D-0ne). On corrected time Dave & John just pipped Sam & Chris.

Many thanks to the race team of Tom, Will and Phil for an enjoyable but physically challenging days sailing.

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Thursday Evening – 4th July


Whilst there were no fireworks or other celebrations going on there was some very close racing… and a lot of Richards !!
For those arriving early at Gorleston conditions looked a little lively with a good Southerly F4 and a choppy sea. However, as often the case in the evening by launch time things had calmed down with the wind now SSW F2-3 and sea state smooth-ish.

Race one saw Richard Fryer make an early break from fleet in his RS300 crossing the line with a good lead. Behind the rest of the fleet remained bunched the whole race with Phil and Lorna (RS400) ahead of the three singlehanders led by Dan Harvey ( Laser). On corrected time Richard Fryer just beating Dan by 9 seconds.

Phil and Lorna timed their start in race two to perfection to take an early lead. However at the windward mark Richard Fryer rounded just ahead. Behind the Dan led the singlehanders with Richard Brown (Solution) and Richard Foster (Laser) a short distance behind. With the wind easing to a F2 and the flood tide kicking in, it made short work of the beats but prolonged the downwind legs required full concentration. The two leading boats extended their lead crossing the line over two minutes ahead. However, this time Dan just beat Richard Fryer by 7 seconds on corrected time.

Race 3 finish – got carried away with the zoom lens!

With the light gradually fading it was decided to hold a final ‘sprint race’ of one lap. No clear winner at the start but Richard Fryer gradually opened up a good lead over the rest of the fleet crossing the line one and a half minutes ahead and winning on corrected time. The three remaining boats enjoyed each others close company for the entire lap with all three crossing the line within a boat length with Richard Brown just ahead of Richard Foster. On corrected time Richard Fryer notched up his second win with Richard Foster second.


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Summer Series Act 3 – Three great races, three different winners.

With the temperature in the mid twenties, cloudless skies and a F3-4 from the west (or thereabouts!!!) conditions provided for some delightful sailing at Gorleston. With frequent shifts and gusts it also made for some testing conditions.

Start 1
Start 1

Phil Highfield (RS700) romped home to victory in race one. Dave & John(400) and Richard & Robyn (400) enjoyed the first of three close battles with the former claiming second with Anna & Keith (500) third.

Start 2
Start 2

With the wind shifting a tad the race team moved the windward mark north for race two. Those who went right on the first beat benefitted greatly. At the windward Tamsin, sailing a Solution was mixing it with the faster boats and continued to stay in contention to make it another Highfield victory, this time by nearly four minutes on corrected time. On lap two the three leading 400’s enjoyed a close battle with only a few seconds between them. At the finish Dave & John were just ahead to claim second spot with Richard & Robyn third.

Start 3
Start 3

Race three saw Dave & John (400) lead after lap one closely followed by Ed & Chris (Spitfire) who went on the take the lead and extending it considerably by the finish. With the wind now varying between F2-F4 and coupled with some big shifts it made for some tricky conditions. Dave & John (400) claimed the win with Richard & Robyn (400) second and Steve (D-One) preventing a 400 1,2,3 by pipping Simon & Dan by a few seconds.

Many thanks to the race team  who apart from having to rearrange the course for the second race were also on standby to help on a number of capsizes and animal welfare !!

Richard plays footasie with a lost pigeon
Richard plays footsie with a lost pigeon

The situation in the Summer series is now looking good for the RS400 sailors with the top five places being 400’s!

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GYGSC Beach Regatta

Conditions could hardly have been better for competitors as they arrived at Gorleston on Saturday for the annual GYGSC Beach Regatta. Cloudless skies and a warm SE’erly F3. It was nice to see many visitors from local clubs attending who were to prove more than a match for the locals!
At the start of race one the wind had dropped a little and there was the last of the flood tide flowing to assist the upwind legs. The start line was keenly fought with one boat being called back. The fleet spilt with those opting to go right appearing to benefit most. Unsurprisingly it was David Brief sailing the fastest boat on the water, a Shadow-X leading at the windward mark and going on to finish well ahead of the next boat, Chris Haslam in a RS600. However Phil & Dennis Manning, sailing a Wayfarer were finding some good upwind pace to win on corrected time by over a minute and a half. The OK’s of Ben Falat and Rodney Tidd enjoyed the first of three close battles with Ben staying ahead throughout the race to take second.

The wind had increased slightly and the tide negligible at the start of race two. The RS600 of Haslam led from start to finish crossing the line some way ahead of the next boat. However he was relegated to second spot by the Wayfarer of Team Manning who once again won by a clear margin, this time by over a minute on corrected time. The battle at the OK corral this time was won by Tidd who maintained a comfortable lead over Falat.
For race three the wind had increased a little more and the tide now ebbing with most of the fleet opting to stay inshore on the beat. Chris once again led the fleet closely followed by Dave Houghton & John Symonds in a RS400 and Steve Gray in a D-One. These three built up a good lead on the fleet to finish well ahead. The OK’s continued their battle with Tidd just a few seconds ahead until the final run when Falat managed to squeeze pass, crossing the line just seconds, ahead but relegated to second place by the consistent Team Manning, this time wining by over two minutes.
Once back at the clubhouse it was drinks and a Fish & Chip supper outside the clubhouse.

Supper in the sun

Sundays forecasted wind was a little late arriving as at the start of race four it was only a F2 from the NE. The key factor was to find a clear channel on the long tack along the coast. With a strong ebb tide most of the fleet opted to stay inshore as long as possible before heading out into the stronger tide and the windward mark. The early leaders did this too early resulting in a long tack offshore to the mark. Richard Brown & Robyn Ollington (RS400) timed it to perfection and rounded the mark with a small lead over the next pack of four boats led by Phil Highfield (RS700). Richard & Robyn held the lead for the first two laps only losing a place to the faster Spitfire sailed by Joe Crabbe on the final lap. Behind team Manning continued their good form taking the race by nearly four minutes on corrected time and Richard & Robyn second.

The wind picked up a little for race two shifting to the East which resulted in a quick course change for the race team. Joe (Spitfire) led the fleet round the windward mark closely followed by Chris (RS600). Close behind was a tightly packed group of three boats headed by Dave & John (RS400). Further back Commodore Phil Harlow with guest crew Keith Sykes (RS400) were having a close battle with Phil Allison (Contender). Just a few seconds separated these two for the first to laps although Phil & Keith managed to open a gap on the final lap. Line honours went to Joe (Spitfire) by quite a margin although it was Team Manning who once again took the win on corrected time with Chris(RS600) second.
The wind was a F3 for the final race. Joe (Spitfire) did a horizon job on the fleet completing four laps whereas some only did two. Phil (RS700) and Chris (RS600) headed the chasing pack with Phil pulling ahead on the second lap. The RS400’s of Richard & Robyn and Dave & John enjoyed probably the closest racing of the weekend with just a few seconds between them as they rounded the windward and leeward marks. With positions changing on every leg it could have gone either way but Richard & Robyn’s upwind speed proved the deciding factor and came through to cross the line just ahead. Team Manning were not resting on their laurels and once again winning on corrected time by three minutes with Chris (RS600) second and Joe (Spitfire) a creditable third considering the light conditions not ideal for the catamarans.

No surprise to the overall winners of the event Phil & Dennis Manning showing great all round boat speed. Chris Haslam (RS600) recorded a consistent set of podium positions to claim second. (so the flight from Oz was worth it then Phil !)
Thanks to all the visitors who attended and making the event so enjoyable and the race teams for providing us with two days of great sailing.

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Thursday Evening Regatta

On arrival Gorleston was bathed in sunshine with a nice warm F2-3 breeze. During the racing this was interrupted by the occasional cloud and even a short light rain period, but that brought the bonus of a most vivid rainbow.

The pot of gold in the case is the sailing at Gorleston.
Race one, still some ebb tide flowing, with a reasonably consistent F2-3 from the West.
Dave & Clive (400) led at the start followed by Phil (700), these two had a good lead after the first lap. Phil took the lead on the final run followed by Dave & Clive and Ed sailing his Contender. On corrected time Richard (Solution) took the honours
Race two – Keith (Laser) nailed the start and led for a long way up the beat. The second half of the beat saw several wind shifts as the wind gradually shifted to the SW. Dave & Clive lead after lap one closely followed by Phil and Ed, with the remaining boats closely packed. By the third lap the tide had turned and now flooding and combined the wind shifting to the SW the final lap was drag race. Dave & Clive and Phil by this time building a good lead over the fleet, with the former claiming the win.
The ‘Race Team’ kindly moved the start line for the final race to compensate for the new wind and tide conditions. The wind by now had dropped to a F1. The whole fleet remained tightly packed throughout the race, bunching at the windward mark and all the way to the line as thankfully we only did one lap. Phil managed to break free to cross the line a few minutes ahead. At one point Dave & Clive looked like they might be beaten over the line by Richard and Keith but managed to hang onto their slender lead over the water. Richard took the race on corrected time by just 10 seconds followed by Keith.
Overall, Richard came out on top with two wins. Many thanks to the ‘Race Team’, aka Richard Fryer for providing a pleasant evening sailing

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Summer series, Act 2

The second instalment of the summer didn’t quite live up to the previous one in terms of weather. The sky was full of white and very grey clouds, the wind a F3-4 SSW’erly but the sea was reasonably flat, well it was when we first arrived !
Five boats prepared to launch although one opted to stayed ashore as by that time the sea had stated to ‘liven up’.

Preparing for race 1

Phil, who had swapped his RS700 to guest helm Keith in the RS500 where first across the line in race one. However, they were also the first to capsize only 100 metres into the beat when they caught a  header resulting in Keith being ‘tea bagged’. This left the two RS400’s to take over the lead although a fast recovery meant the RS500 was only a short distance behind. Pawel, sailing his Sprint 15 made up the fleet following a little way behind

First beat of the day

With the tide now started to ebb everyone opted to go inshore with Phil & Keith taking over the lead buy the windward mark closely followed by Simon & Bruce (RS400). Downwind these two opted to go offshore with Richard and guest crew for the day David (RS400) choosing to go inshore hoping to find a flatter sea as by this time it was getting ‘big’.

The offshore route proved to be the faster with leading two boats opening up a good lead which they held to the finish with Phil & Keith taking line honours.
With a few white horses now showing their heads only two boats stayed for race two. Simon & Bruce were motoring up the beat, with some impressive hiking from Bruce obviously assisting in this as they lead at the windward mark and the leeward gate.

Hiking is good !

However a capsize near the windward mark on lap two allowed Phil & Keith into the lead which they held to the finish.
With the combination of grey skies, a wind now F4 gusting 5 and a big sea we decided to head for shore for an early lunch. This proved a good decision as just as we finished packing the boats away and retreated to the clubhouse for lunch it started raining.  Thanks to Anna for preparing lunch so it was ready when we come back ashore.
Note that it’s the Thursday Evening Regatta next week with 2-3 races planned and it’s the Beach Regatta next weekend. The forecast for both is looking good.

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Weather and tide make for great Britannia Pier race

After the strong winds and rain of Saturday competitors enjoyed sunshine and a manageable F3 for the Britannia Pier race. With the wind coming from the south it was a long downwind leg to the Britannia Pier mark. The Catamarans led the fleet with Ed Andersons Spitfire just ahead of David Brief in his Shadow-X at the mark. These two led over the line with visitors Will Pank and Seb Gotto sailing a 29’er very close behind and winning on corrected time. The flood tide made the long beat back to Gorleston easier for the hiking boats with the Wayfarer of visitors Phil & Dennis Manning claiming second on corrected time.

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It’s official, Summer has arrived

This week saw the start of the summer series and the weather matched the season with a warm F3-4 SE’erly breeze. 12 boats launched with two electing to spent the day blasting around. Race one started just as the tide started to ebb and with the sea relatively flat. The race team set a slightly port bias line with Dave & John (RS400) nearly succeeding doing a port hand flyer only to be thwarted by Richard & Carol (RS400). Everyone elected to stick inshore up the beat with Chris (D-One) first round the windward mark closely followed by the rest of the pack. On gybing Chris managed to get a perfectly formed hour glass in his spinnaker which he was unable to remove so headed inshore. After two laps Richard & Carol and Dave & John rounded the gate together closely followed by Phil (Contender) with Phil & Lorna (RS400) and Steve (D-One) just a few seconds apart. Just three seconds separated the first three boats as they crossed the line with Richard & Carol claiming line honours with Phil next but first on corrected time. Anna & Keith (RS500) suffered a ‘Gnav’ failure on the final lap which also damaged their mast causing them to head for shore.
By now the tide had picked up a bit and with it the sea state, making it more challenging. The cauldron was now living up to it’s name, what a difference a day makes !  Several boats headed for shore which soon become the popular move and so we headed in for an early lunch in the sun on the prom. Thanks for the race team for a great days sailing.

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