Swim Membership

GYGSC is proud to announce that we now have a Swim Membership

Having been approached by some of the hardier Gorleston inhabitants about the possibility of joining the club to enhance that already ready exhilaration sport of Open water Swimming. 

It’s great to see the club getting more use.

We are an informal group of outdoor swimmers who swim 365 days of the year. During the summer months most of us swim in just swim suits but as the sea temperature drops we start to wear wetsuits, hoods ,gloves and boots to enable us to swim between 25 and 40 minutes in the coldest conditions.

We swim on most weekdays and some Saturdays, our usual time being 7.30am.We also have a WhatsApp group that we let everyone know ‘who and when’ we are swimming.

There is a solid group of 8 of us who swim all year around , however in the better weather we have has as many as 18 swimming together. In the summer months usually once or twice a week a group will also do an early evening swim. Afterwards we have a coffee.

Heading back to Sailing club for a warm shower.

We welcome anyone to join us, just turn up on a weekday morning and talk to the guys in the wetsuits or email swim@gygsc.co.uk

We have members of all abilities so if you like the idea of swimming in the sea, give it a try. If you like it you can  be added to the WhatsApp group and Join the Sailing club as a swimming member, where you will have access to their changing facilities and showers.

See http://gygsc.org.uk/membership/ for more details

For new members, as it our 75th Anniversary in 2024 its just £75 a year to join.

More info…….


Also known as wild or outdoor swimming, and according to some dating back to the poet Byron’s legendary swim from Europe to Asia across the Hellespont straight in Turkey, open water swimming is quite simply swimming in any body of outdoor water – be it a river, lake, pond or the sea. With the added benefits of fresh air and daylight, aficionados up and down the country sing its life-enhancing powers.


If you don’t know what you’re doing, open water can be risky. Natural water can be unpredictable, changing rapidly with the weather or the tides. But with a little bit of thought – and some preparation – you can keep safe. The most important thing is to know your limits – and stay well inside them.

Here are a few top tips from those in the know:

  • Swim with others
  • Understand the local tides.
  • Don’t get too cold – wetsuits are great for warmth and buoyancy
  • Wear a bright swimming hat and consider using a swimming float
  • Don’t jump or dive in – unless you know the area properly
  • Unless you’ve got a boat escort, stay close to the shore
  • Look out for boats, jet skis and other watercraft


Most of us already know that swimming is one of the best exercises on the planet. Delivering a full-body, low-impact, high-cardio workout, not to mention a fabulous de-stress, swimming offers huge rewards whatever your age or fitness level. It’s also one of the lowest tech exercises going – goggles and a pair of swimmers and you’re away. But to these established benefits, open water is said to add some health goodies of its own.

First up there’s the cold-water effect. Most open water in the UK is well below body temperature – plunging away to sub-zero in the winter months. And when cold water hits warm flesh, it’s party time. According to the boffins, immersion in cold water can:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Improve your circulation
  • Brighten your mood