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Just for a bit of Fun, I have taken this years results and rescored using the NHC handicap system inbuilt to sailwave. Personal Handicap (Combined), I have removed any results where a different class was sailed.

You can find detail of NHC on the RYA website Designed for cruiser racing, it adjust the boats handicap on a race by race basis.  These new handicaps  can be seen in the individual race tables.  See how you have done.

Our Results Partner
Our Results Partner

GYGSC Operates a Local PY adjustment for Mono hulls of + 1 point for every 10 over 1029 (Rounded Up)

Normal Py GYGSC Adjustment
Mono Hull 1029 and below 0
1030 – 1039 1
1040 – 1049 2
1050 – 1059 3
etc. etc.


Cats Get + 10 point adjustment for normal round the cans racing (not for long distance races)

2018 GYGSC PY’s