3 Buoys Challenge Act 2

It was a warm but cloudy start for Act 2 of the 3 Buoys Challenge series. Although the forecast was for a good breeze the wind was a light, but shifty SW’erly with some gusts. As the eight boats ventured out to the start one boat was seen to take a very early swim only 100 metres from leaving the shore ! There was still a bit of flood tide running as race one got underway. The fleet split with some boats remaining offshore in the tide and others heading straight inshore. As the boats approached the windward mark the first five boats were closely packed with Richard & Carol rounding first followed by Anna & Keith then Phil & Lorna. At the leeward mark Richard & Carol rounded first a couple of boat lengths ahead of Dave & John. These two remained neck and neck with both leading at some point until the fourth beat when the former opened a good gap which they held to the finish. After a slow start Steve managed to up the pace to finish third. By the time race two started the wind had picked up somewhat and continued to be shifty and gusty with only four starters. Dave & John led for two laps until Richard & Carol sneaked past on the run to take race honours again with Steve second. As we headed for shore the clouds cleared so we all enjoyed lunch on the prom basking in sunshine.



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Lowestoft Race series

It was a warm sunny day for the Lowestoft Race series with a light breeze. An alternative race format was agreed with the ‘Lowestoft’ mark laid closer to Gorleston with two laps to be sailed.
The two Catamarans, David in his Shadow and Ed sailing his Spitfire quickly opened a lead and after the first lap were nearly 15 minutes ahead of the dinghies. Richard & Robyn (RS400) led the dinghies by a few minutes with the rest of the fleet relatively close together. After the second lap the Cats were 24 minutes ahead with David crossing the line first after 71 minutes and winning on corrected time by over 5 minutes. Richard & Robyn were second and Steve third, proving the new club Phantom has good pace.
For the second race the format reverted back to our now traditional windward leeward course. With both Cats opting to sit this one out it was an all dinghy affair. Tom & Will (505) set the pace leading on all four laps completing the course in 54 minutes and nearly two minutes ahead of Richard & Robyn. After nearly one hours racing only 13 seconds separated the first three boats on corrected time with Anna & Keith (RS500) claiming the win and Richard & Robyn beating Steve by just 2 seconds.



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The Thursday Finale?

There was a fresh and shifty NW’erly for the final outing of the Thursday evening series. Nine boats launches with all but one single-handers. The ’new’ club Phantom (more news about that later) was given its maiden outing in the hands of the Club Commodore.
By the time race one started the wind had shifted a tad to the west making for a port bias start line and hence a busy port end at the start. The flood tide made for a long beat which saw most of the fleet heading for the shore. However, the wind was lighter inshore resulting in little difference between routes. Ed (Spitfire) led after lap one followed by Dave (RS300). Behind, two Lasers were just a few seconds apart with Karl was just ahead of Keith. Offshore was the route to go for lap two with Karl rounding the windward mark first (Ed by this time had decided to the ‘Cat’ for a blast rather than race). In the final downwind leg Dave just managed to take the lead to cross the line first, with Karl just a few seconds behind. On corrected time it was a Laser 1,2,3 with Karl just beating Mark (who on arriving late mistakenly picked up a Radial rig for the club Laser and so was a tad under-powered) by just 6 seconds with Keith in third spot.

The wind had eased a little for race two and was less shifty. The fleet remained fairly close together for the first lap. Dave opened up a small lead on lap two crossing the line first with Phantom Phil next and Keith just behind. Despite sailing the slowest boat in the fleet Steve kept his Europe in contact with the main pack to the finish, however the lighter wind proved a challenge for Mark in the Radial rig who struggled to keep up and was a few minutes behind. On corrected time it was a convincing win for Keith with Karl riding his luck again beating Steve by just a second for second place.
Many thanks to the race team of Adrian and Ed and to Lorna who ensured supper was ready for us .
There were 20 entries to the series ranging from a Topper to a RS700. Lasers were the predominant class with eight entries. Overall it was a Richard 1,2,3. Richard Brown taking overall honours in his Solution. Richard Fryer second in his RS300 and Richard Foster third in his Laser.
Whilst it was the last of the programmed Thursday Evening sailing, it’s not over yet !!
Next week will be Fun Thursday One – which will see a different course set, we have a few ideas and will be racing whilst daylight permits followed by supper in the club.
The Beeb forecast for next Thursday is looking good so make sure you are there.

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More Photo’s 21st July

A Big thanks to Kevin and the safety boat teams for these photos. We have been very lucky in have Kevin available to take great photos so far around 12,000 and counting

You can also check them out and download any you would like from our FLIKR page

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21st July

Photos from 14th & 21st July

A Big thanks to Kevin and the safety boat teams for these photos. We have been very lucky in have Kevin available to take great photos so far around 12,000 and counting

You can also check them out and download any you would like from our FLIKR page

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SUP & Sail 21st July

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14th July

Summer series Act 6 – Shifty winds and some gusts

Sunshine, a warm F2 -3 westerly wind and a flat sea made for very pleasant conditions at Gorleston for Act 6 of the Summer series.
The tide was still ebbing at the start of race one and the shifty offshore wind made for a testing beat. Throughout the race the whole fleet were fairly close. Richard & Carol (RS400) led the charge crossing the line 50 seconds ahead of the next boat Dave & John (RS400). Just behind them the D-One’s were having a close battle for line honours with Steve just beating Nick by a boat length. Karl Buck headed the Lasers putting in a great second lap and winning the race on corrected time with Richard & Carol second. Only eight seconds separated sixth to ninth places with Steve just squeezing sixth.

Start of race 1
Start of race 1

With the wind swinging to the SW the race team moved the windward mark south a tad. The tide by this time was beginning to ease. There were also periods of light wind and some gusts making choosing your downwind course critical although a crystal ball would have helped ! Dave & John were first to pick up a gust which enabled them to open up a short lead which they held to the finish. Richard & Carol and Nick were enjoying some close racing until lap three with the former pulling away to open up a good lead. On corrected time these three claimed the first three places with Karl just ahead of the rest to claim fourth.

RS400's rounding the leeward mark
RS400’s rounding the leeward mark

Race three saw a three way battle between the RS400’s of Richard & Carol, Richard & Robyn and Dave & John. For the first two laps these three were neck and neck with many changes of places. However, on the second downwind Richard and Carol opted to go right, Dave & John left and Richard and Robyn staying in the middle of the course. Unfortunately for Richard & Robyn they could only sit and watch as the others both caught some breeze and sailed away. Behind Nick and Gareth (Phantom) were also having close tussle with nothing behind them after two laps. On the final lap the two leading RS400’s rounded the windward mark together, Richard and Carol just ahead and opting to head over to the left, David & John head right. On the line Richard & Carol crossed one second ahead to claim line and race honours. Karl claimed his second podium place just a few seconds ahead of the next two boats.

Race 3 - close race to the finish
Race 3 – close race to the finish

Many thanks to the race team of Anna, Keith, Chris & Tim for a testing days sailing in delightful conditions.

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Thursday 18th July – The Thursday Lapathon !

There was a good NE’erly wind when the early arrivers reached Gorleston. However by the time the racing started the wind had eased to a F2 from the SE ! Ten boats launched comprising of eight different classes for what was to be a night of numerous laps with the leading boats completing thirteen laps over the course of three races. At the start of race one there was just a hint of flood tide which quickly gathered strength and saw several boats down tide at the marks. The wind also increased to a F3 by race three.
Richard the First, aka Mr Fryer led the fleet in all three races in his RS300 opening up a good lead to win all three on corrected time. The rest of the fleet were closely bunched throughout all three races with many congested mark rounding’s. Richard the Second, aka Mr Brown in his Solution claiming second in all three races and Joe, sailing one of the club Lasers taking third in all three races. Steve Whitby sailing his Europe was best of the rest in race one and three claiming fourth and Tom Quayle, trying a RS300 for the evening got a clean start in race two helping him to claim fourth. Young Ed, sailing the club Laser Radial for the first time improved in every race posting a sixth in the final race.

Thanks to the race team, Richard and Max for a frantic but entertaining evening. The leader board is now looking interesting, with Richard the First leading with 10 points, Richard the Second in second place and Richard Foster, aka Richard the Third !…….. in third!!

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Summer Series Act 5 – Wind and waves!

It was a rather overcast day at Gorleston for Act 5 of the Summer series. However, with a F3-4 Northerly wind and the tide assisting the upwind legs it made for some great downwind legs.
In race one Will & Seb (29ER) led from the start putting in a great first lap to lead by over two minutes. Behind the RS400’s of Richard & Carol and Dave & John were having a close battle with Richard & Carol just ahead at the windward mark. It was in at the deep end for Steve who was persuaded to helm Keith’s RS500 for a first time experience of asymmetric sailing. They were going well upwind but downwind was to prove more difficult. Unfortunately a problem with the jib sheets cut short their sailing.

Steve & Keith enjoying a blast
Steve & Keith enjoying a blast

With the wind against tide the sea was becoming ‘lumpy’ but did provide some great surfing on the downwind legs. With the wind also increasing there was also a few capsizes! Will & Seb maintained their lead crossing the line well ahead to win on corrected time. The battle of the 400’s continued throughout the race with Dave & John just beating Richard & Carol for second.

Hiking hard
Hiking hard

With the increased sea state and wind there was a reduced number of starters for race two. Will & Seb once again led after lap one although not so far behind were Sam & Chris (29ER) closely followed by Dave & John and Phil (700). Despite some ‘dodgy’ gybes there was only one capsize ‘during’ the race.

Will & Seb lead the fleet

Will & Seb consolidated their lead crossing the line over three minutes ahead and winning on corrected time. Dave & John and Phil crossed the line together and on attempting to drop their spinnakers capsized together. Well, if you are going to capsize that’s the time to do it.
Many thanks to the race team for great but testing days sailing and for being there when we needed you !
Good luck to Sam & Chris who are attending the NSSA Championship at Weymouth later this month and to Will & Seb who are attending the 29ER Europeans at Garda in August.

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Thursday 11th July – Weather forecasters wrong

With forecasts of thundery showers it was with some trepidation sailors rigged their boats. In reality it was to be a very warm sunny evening with a F2 SSE breeze. Seven boats launched onto a smooth-ish sea with an ebb  tide. The race team managed to fit two races into the evenings programme. With the beat into the tide it favoured the faster boats upwind. The downwind legs evened things out as the tide probably provided as much speed over ground as the wind!
The wind held for race one. Dan and Andy were testing the club 400 which would include their first spinnaker launch!

Start of race 1

Steve, now back in his Europe port tacked the fleet and was first to cross the line. Once the others had tacked onto port they followed Steve along the shoreline. Once again the timing of tacking offshore to the windward mark was crucial, too early and you suffered another tack in the tide, most opting to over stand the mark with the leading boats over standing it some what and reaching to the mark on the first lap. First round were the two fastest boats, Dan & Andy (400) and Dave (300) with a small lead on the rest of the fleet which they slowly extended going on to complete an additional lap to the others. Ed, sailing a Topper and the slowest boat by far was finding the upwind legs a challenge but persevered and managed to complete the course.

Ed prepares for the racing

Dave won on corrected time with Richard Brown (Solution) second and Richard Foster (Laser) third.

Start of race 2

Richard F (Laser) and Dave(300) learnt their lesson from race one and port tacked the fleet in race two. After the first lap Dave had opened up a good lead. The wind had started to drop, making the downwind legs rather ‘sloppy’……if that’s a useable sailing term!  Dave recorded his second win, Richard B his second second !  with Dan & Andy putting in a good second lap to pip Richard F for third.
Thanks to ‘Team Phil’, aka messrs Harlow and Alison for manning the committee boat and Lorna for ensuring supper was ready when we got back onshore.

End of the day

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Summer Series Act 4 – Strong tides and aching legs

Strong tides and aching legs!!!

It was another lovely sunny day at Gorleston for Act 4 of the Summer series. Eleven boats took to the water for what was going to be a tough day on the water for the hiking boats!
With the wind from the NE and a strong flood tide it was easy to choose your route upwind, stick to the shore for as long as possible. Choosing at what point to head off shore to the windward mark proved decisive with most playing safe and over standing it.

David Brief (Shadow-X) quickly took the lead in race one opening up a big gap on the rest of the fleet. Chris Sallis & Matt Frary (Tasar) led the rest of the fleet showing great upwind speed which bodes well for their World Championship at Hayling Island later this month. Sam Briggs & Chris Haslam (29ER) sailed a good second lap to cross the line second. On corrected time Chris & Matt took the win with David second.

David had another lonely sail in race two eventually lapping a few boats and completing an extra lap. The RS400’s of Dave Houghton & John Symonds and Richard Brown & Robyn Ollington led the fleet on the first lap with just a few seconds between them. Further back Steve Whitby, sailing a Minisail, the slowest boat on the water by some margin was showing great tenacity on the long slogs up wind. His efforts were to be rewarded with a win on corrected time with Dave & John second.

Although race three started well after the forecasted high water the flood tide was still flooding. The long beats had taken their toll with a few boats returning to shore. David once again opened up a good lead on the fleet. Dave & John and Sam & Chris enjoyed a close battle for the first two laps with the latter opening up a gap on the final lap. Just behind Richard & Robyn were fighting it out with Nick Favell (D-0ne). On corrected time Dave & John just pipped Sam & Chris.

Many thanks to the race team of Tom, Will and Phil for an enjoyable but physically challenging days sailing.

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