Thursday Evening – final night

The forecast looked promising for the final night of the Thursday evening series, both Wind finder and Wind guru ‘promised’ a NW F2-3 however……..things didn’t quite go that way!

The hot day meant there was a decent sea breeze when the early arrivals reached the club, being greeted by a F3 from the SE.

As we made ready to launch the wind was easing and moving to the south. For the first time in the series a two-man boat launched with Ed kindly volunteering to take Robin, a visitor out in the club RS400.

The race team, aka ‘Phil-A’ set a short windward leeward course near the ravine. Despite the light winds the sea was extremely lumpy and coupled with a strong ebb tide made for a tricky sail.

Phil H and Dave started at the up tide end of the line and led the fleet to the windward mark….. showing the importance of being up tide and near the line at the start!

A light wind and lumpy sea sail – Adrian flying spinnaker, just!

The wind continued to drop resulting in slow progress to the windward mark. As the leading boats approached the leeward gate the wind began to shift to the west. The new wind direction meant the asymmetric’s were flying spinnakers on both the ‘windward’ and the ‘leeward’ legs, be it only just as the wind continued to drop. After two laps everyone was happy to call it a day and headed for shore, be it very slowly.

By the time we were packing up in the dinghy park it was getting dark proving how quickly the nights are drawing in. And just to rub it in the promised F2-3 NW arrived!

Heading back to shore, slowly

However, it was a pleasant evening, and as we sat outside the clubhouse for a mardle and a beer (or in some cases a Prosecco) it was warm enough for shorts and tee shirts.

Many thanks to Phil-A for volunteering to run the racing, or did he know it wouldn’t be a good Contender sail!

There was some discussions as to whether to go for a Thursday Finale next week, a few were up for it if the forecast was good. At time of writing both Windguru and Windfinder forecast a Southerly, 20 gusting 30 knots….maybe better ask Phil H as his forecasts are generally better! Final decision to be made nearer the time and dependent on forecast and enthusiasm!

Results are on the club site