8 th October Autumn series

A light SEer’ly greeted members on sunday for the final Act of the Autumn series. With LW imminent there was plenty of beach to launch for the nine boats that ventured out.

Race 1 – SE F2. The tide was still ebbing at the start of the race. Dave & Keith caused a bit of ‘excitement’ at the start as they tacked across the fleet on port, resulting in a 720 for them! 

Preparing to race

Richard & Rosie, aka Team Custard led off the line and proceeded to open up a good lead after lap one. Behind, the rest of the 400’s were closely bunched along with Nick in his Phantom.

Team Custard crossed the line well ahead of Dave & Keith with Richard & Robyn third making it a 1,2,3 both over the water and on corrected time for the 400’s.

Race 1 start

Race 2 – SE F2  Still a little ebb tide flowing. Most of the fleet tacked inshore quickly after the start. Dave & Keith headed offshore for a short while before tacking which paid off as they rounded the windward mark just ahead. Team Custard were hot on their trail with these two swapping places throughout the race with Dave & Keith crossing the line just a few seconds ahead.

Race one racing

Behind another 400 battle with Adam & Jordan just holding off Richard & Robyn. On corrected time the two leading 400’s were first and second with Nick third, just three seconds ahead of Richard in the Vareo.

Race two start

Race 3  – SE F2-3 Slack water. The four 400’s led the fleet after lap one. After two laps Dave & Keith led Richard & Rosie and now being hotly pursued by Richard & Robyn who hooked onto a good lift out to the windward mark. Further back Phil (Contender) was just ahead of Richard (Vareo) who was just ahead of Jamie (Laser).

Race three start

After the third lap the 400’s were well ahead of the fleet and rewarded with another lap as was Phil who crossed the line just before the cut off. On corrected time the two leading 400’s took the top two places with Nick beating Richard & Robyn by nine seconds to claim third

Race four start

Race 4 – SE F2-3 Slack water with a hint of flood! The race team kindly offered to run a fourth race.  The fleet were evenly spread off the line with Richard & Rosie just ahead. Most continued offshore for a while before tacking. After two laps Richard & Rosie led the fleet with Dave & Keith next. Just behind things were close with Richard & Robyn, Adam & Jordon and Nick rounding the leeward gate within a second of each other with Phil not too far behind.

The fleet spread out

On the final lap Adam & Jordan hooked onto a good breeze to the finish line almost catching the other two 400’s. Nick prevented a 400 1,2,3,4 over the finishing line by just beating Richard and Robyn. The corrected times were very close with around thirty seconds separating the top five boats. There was a rare tie for first place with Nick and Richard & Rosie sharing top honours. Richard sailed the Vareo to third place, seven seconds ahead of Dave & Keith who were just ahead of Jamie in the Laser

RS400 ‘s enjoying some close racing

Many thanks to the race team of David, Ed and Shaun for an enjoyable days sail and a ‘bonus’ race. Ed doubled up as photographer for the day and took several pictures which are now on the club Flickr site.

It was almost as close for the overall series honours with the 400 of Dave, sailing with ‘guest crews’ finishing half a point ahead of Nick. Third was Richard in his Vareo who finished four points ahead of Richard & Robyn.

Sadly next week is the final outing of the year as we sail for the EOS trophy. Phil forecasts perfect conditions to end the season. The Weather stations also suggesting good conditions currently forecasting a F3-4 from the NW.

Pictures on the club Flick site – GYGSC’s albums | Flickr

Full results – http://www.gygsc.org.uk/Results/2023/2023Autumn.htm