Spring Social – A Taste of the East in the East.

Spring Social – A Taste of the East in the East and thoughts from Annie.

Around 20 members and Guests gathered at the club house for a pre-dinner chat and drink, whilst Ed and Robyn slaved away in the kitchen. 

Just before we ate Annie wanted to say a few words which she has asked be relayed to the members who were unable to attend.  “I would like to say that I and Peter’s family are very grateful for the efforts everyone from the Club and emergency services made to give Peter the best possible chance last Sunday, Peter had spent the day doing what he loved and where he was most at home and was cared for by his friends.”

Curry was then served Poppadum’s, pickles, Chicken and / or Prawn Curry, Dhal, Curried Eggs, Rice, Nan bread and a dollop of Rita.  Ed did a tremendous job with most of us heading back for seconds. This was then followed by a loosely themed sailing quiz devised by the Highfield’s. Round 1 (first lap) Name that boat, picture round small sections of boat bows.  

 Here’s the easy one.

Fireball Bow

Round 2 – Nautical questions, eg “what is Ancraophobi?”,(quite fittings given the egg curry). Scores all very close after 2 rounds with team Sallis taking a narrow lead.  Onto desert Robyn’s delicious Apple Crumble and Ice cream, this received a big thumbs up from our youngest guest Ed Brown and all the dinners. Final round “Cats”

Picture round, Can you name them?


 I did say “loosely themed”.

This round separated the men from the boys with the boys fairing much better, so just 1 point between all teams and a tie for first. Off the cuff tiebreaker – “What colour in Richard….. Fryers…… RS…… 300?”, Sallis first to line to take the honours for the team, Well D-one Chris and team.

Just to say a massive thanks you to Ed, Robyn, and the Highfield’s for a great evening.