Spring Series Act 6

There were lovely blue skies on arrival at the club for Act 6 of the Spring Series. The sea was surprisingly flat considering the recent high winds and a F2-3 wind from somewhere between S and SW !

The race team set a good sized Windward Leeward course and with the tide still ebbing it was a long beat into the tide.

Lovely start to the day

In the first race the fleet split with some heading inshore and some choosing to stay offshore. The wind was very shifty, at times it was almost possible to be heading directly to the windward mark until being headed as the wind returned to the South. Phil (700), Nick (Phantom) and Dave & John (400) headed the fleet followed by Phil & Lorna (400). Behind a three way battle between Steve (Europe), David ( Solution) & Keith ( Laser Rad).  After the first two laps there was little between the first three however on the final two laps Phil managed to open up a gap on Dave & John who were just one minute ahead of Nick.   Keith lead Steve home by just over a minute with David just behind.

On corrected time Nick had a comfortable win with Dave & John second and Phil third.

Racing about to start

In line with the forecast the wind picked up for race two, but still varying between S – SW. Phil opened up a good lead on the first lap however, on the second downwind leg the wind shifted and increased. This resulted in Phil approaching the leeward gate low and having to drop his kite early in order to pass through it. Dave & John had gybed earlier and managed to carry the kite all the way allowing them to slip pass momentarily as Phil sailed past on the next windward leg. The downward legs were proving difficult to navigate for the asymmetrics with the regularly shifting wind which was also varying between F2-F4. Meanwhile Nick was very close and again won on corrected time, this time two minutes ahead of Dave & John. Steve managed to sail the Europe well clear of Keith and David, managing a third on corrected time.  

Nick in fine form

With the forecast predicting strong winds by early afternoon it was decided to head back ashore after the second race which turned out to be a good move. By the time boats were being pulled back up the beach the wind had increased noticeably and soon the sea state had worsened.

Thanks to the race team, tricky day for them and a testing day for sailors.


Full results here