September 11th – Autumn series Act 3

Whilst the mist had cleared the wind was absent at Gorleston when we arrived at the club. With the forecast of a F2 Southerly wind later on, the Race Team made the decision to postpone racing for a while until the wind arrived.

Some decided to pack their boats, but those who waited were rewarded for their patience as a F2 from the East filled in and the race team advised we were going racing.

Four teams rigged their boats which comprised of two Vareo’s, a D-One and a Europe. With HW around 10.30 the ebb tide had just started to pick up. The race team set a slightly smaller course which proved just right for the conditions.

Great conditions at Gorleston…….eventually!

By the time race one got underway the wind was from the SE, after lap one Adrian had a small lead on Steve who had a small lead on Dave who was just ahead of Richard. Adrian gradually pulled clear ahead finishing a minute and half ahead of Dave who just pipped Steve across the line. On corrected time Steve winning by over a minute.

The wind had picked up a tad for race two which was shortened to two laps in order to fit in a third race. Dave and Adrian headed offshore to the windward mark whilst Steve and Richard opted to stay inshore out of the tide. However the offshore route proved the quickest with Dave leading after lap one with Adrian second, these positions remained unchanged on lap two.  On corrected time Dave emerged the winner

By the time race three started the wind was a F3 and the best sailing conditions of the day with all crews now hiking to keep the boats flat. The stronger ebb tide brought with it the added bonus for the spinnaker boats of being able to broad reach directly to the leeward gate which gave them quite an advantage. Dave led across the line just ahead of Adrian with Steve and Richard not too far behind.  Dave holding his time on handicap.

Racing over, time to pack up

Thought of the day

Good things come to those who wait ! – just ask the four crews who sailed

Postponing the racing for a short while resulted in three excellent races, many thanks to the Race team of Mark and Darell and to Anna and Keith who patiently waited on shore until we came back and assisted when we came ashore.

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