May 20th Report

The forecast did not look promising with very light winds predicted in the morning but increasing around midday. With the members congregating on the prom there were a few short periods of some wind separated with periods of little wind. Some decided to return home but six boats decided to venture out hoping that the predicted wind would arrive early. A light SE’erly held for a little while but a few minutes before the start the wind dropped. This left two boats a few metres down tide of the start line and facing an agonisingly long wait to cross the line. Richard and Robyn (400) timed their start well to cross first with Jamie(700) second. After a few minutes these two found a calm patch leaving Dave and John (400) to take the lead. With the flooding tide taking the boats down to the windward mark, rounding close was crucial to reduce the long haul against the tide back to the leeward mark. The leading pack rounded relatively close with Dave and John hoisting their kite. Close behind were Richard and Robyn who continued two sailing which proved the better tactic as they drew level prompting Dave and John to drop their kite. These two were close until halfway back to the leeward mark when Dave and John slowly opened a gap and were pleased to see the blue finish flag flying as they crossed the leeward gate. Further back the last two boats, who had given the others a considerable head start as it took them several minutes to cross the line caught a nice breeze from the East allowing them to three sail all the way back to the line and crossing close to the others and overtaking Chris (Contender) and Jamie(700).
There was a short deliberation as to whether to stay out for another race but the general consensus was to head for shore where we enjoyed some chilli and garlic bread from last nights excellent social event. Needless to say the wind did arrive but too late!
Thanks to Phil, Tom and Matt – OOD team.

Report kindly provided by Dave Houghton

Final Results are on the GYGSC site –  Spring Series 2018 Results

Congratulation to Dave and John RS400 Winners of the Spring Series

Richard and Robyn 2nd and Richard and Carol 3rd.