17th October – End of Season

Another overcast day for the start of the End of Season trophy. Ten boats were safely launched into moderate surf using the now well drilled launching process! With low water scheduled for 14.00 it was going to be a day of long beats into the SSW F2-3 wind.

Rigging for the EOS racing

The race team set a good sized course for race one. Just before the start the rudder downhaul snapped on Don & Adrian’s 400, on water attempts to jury rig a fix proved unsuccessful resulting in an early return to shore for them. At the start the fleet were spread along the even line. Dave & Keith (400) were first to head inshore which proved to be the quickest option. The majority of the fleet also headed inshore although two boats opted to stay out. The wind inshore proved to be extremely shifty with 10+ degree shifts common. Downwind it was ‘soak’ mode for the asymmetrics as the wind strength not supporting planning conditions. After lap one Dave & Keith headed the fleet with Richard & Indra (400) ahead of Steve (D-One) and Phil & Lorna (400), which remained unchanged to the finish.

Lining up for the start

The race team shortened the course for race two, to the relief of the singlehanders! After lap one ten seconds separated the first three boats with Curtis (700) sandwiched between the 400’s of Dave & Keith and Richard & Indra. Steve & Phil (Contender) were a short distance behind with Richard (Laser) leading the rest of the fleet.

Dave & Keith led to the finish with Curtis, who had lost some ground on lap two putting in a quick final lap to pass Richard & Indra.


Curtis motoring downwind

There was a reduced entry for the final race of the year. After lap one positions at the front were similar to the previous race. Phil was ahead of Darell in the Contender battle. With a tad more wind the asymmetrics occasionally managed to get onto the plane downwind, making for a more enjoyable race for them. Even the sun managed to make an appearance during the race to brighten up the day. On corrected time it was another 1,2 for the 400’s with Phil in third position.

Birds take flight having recognised the pending change of season !

It was a good day for the RS400’s. Overall winners of the EOS trophy were Dave & Keith with Richard & Indra second and Steve (D-One) third.

Thanks to the race team for a lovely days sailing, sadly the last of the season at Gorleston.

For many of the members it’s time to migrate to their winter clubs so good luck to everyone during the winter sailing season. Even the wildlife recognised the pending change of season with a flock of birds flying overhead during the final race,

Full results here

The safety crew were busy taking some pictures which are now on the club Flickr site.