Worth the wait – 11th September

For those travelling to Gorleston from the west it looked likely there might be no sailing this week as travelling down the Acle straight there was thick mist and very little wind. As we approached Gorleston the mist started to clear and by the time we reached the club it was bright sunshine. Martin, OOD for the day rightly postponed the start whilst the sea breeze picked up and as the small fleet left the beach the wind had built to a F2 from the SE (ish!).

As the day progressed the conditions just got better and better and by race three the wind was F3. By popular demand the race team put on a fourth race which was to be the best one the day with a F3/4 and some waves making downwind legs a bit more exciting. Big thanks to the race team of Martin, Adrian and Tom. Just goes to prove good things come to those who wait, with unbroken sunshine, a F2 – 4 wind and four good races.

Chris, sailing a club laser was ‘top starter’ of the day winning prime spot in 3 of the 4 races. Tom, sailing dad’s D-One quickly got the hang of things showing good downwind speed particularly when the wind picked up. Phil and Lorna must win the ‘ keen’ award as they only arrived back from holiday in the early hours of Sunday morning but still looked remarkably awake. The endurance award of the day went to ‘little’ Ed who survived three races sailing with his dad in a 400.