Report & Results 22th May

Wind Strength = F2 , Direction = Various

With a forecast of a changeable wind direction and a strong tide, the boats gathered on the prom to await a settled breeze. A few sailors decided to head home, then the wind appeared to arrive from the south east and after a quick change the fleet headed out.  The first race got away at 11:30 and all was looking good for the first lap as the lead boats headed back down wind, on the second lap the wind swung further to the east,  with spinnakers dropped Chris Sallis held off the following 400’s of Brown and Houghton for the first victory of the day.  With the course reset and the first signal sounded the wind veered to the north east  the consensus was to start the race anyway.  With Kites hoisted as soon as boats cleared the line the boats reached for the mark, Houghton, James (without kite) and Gray rounded first and headed back, The less than conventional course and only 2 ten minute laps saw Dave Houghton hold off Steve Gray to take the honours.   The wind now directly from the East and the course reset (not far enough into the tide) and the repaired Hobbie of the 2 Steves joined the fleet for the third race.  The 700 and Hobbie cleared the fleet but not each other to round together at the end on the first lap, Sallis and Houghton in 3rd and 4th.  The now shorter than normal course meant it was 4 laps for the Hobbie and 700 never too far apart but Sallis took the honours from Highfield in the 700 and Houghton in 3rd.  The later start and course changes meant we called it a day and headed in for a late lunch. 

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Keith and Anna