Race Report 24th May

Shifty winds and a big sea made for interesting sailing conditions today; 12 boats raced in the 4th spring series with a wind undecided between the south and the west. The start line was set up just past the ravine with the windward mark set beyond the wreck buoy, where sailors reported increased wave size.  Racing was very dependent on choice of course and whether sailors found the wind or stayed upright; giving some exciting racing with lead boats changing with each lap. Race 1, 1st lap had 4 boats with 4 seconds between them; Chris and Martin in the D1’s, and Richard and Dave in the 400’s, 2nd lap Martin went out to sea increasing his lead by 40 seconds clear of Dave and John in the 400. Race 2 Dave and John capsized in the 400 leaving the way clear for the D1’s, and Richard and Robyn in the 400 had a stonker of a second lap. In race 3 D1’s got away only for Martin to capsize just at the leeward mark on the 1st lap, Martin caught the fleet up, going out to sea on the last downward leg, finding the wind (we could hear him humming on the start line boat) and beating Steve in his D1 by 1 second, an exciting finish too between the two Richards in the 400’s with Richard and Robyn taking it by 1 second. A good days racing.