Gorleston Ne’ Hopton Race

Following on from a hot week it seemed like everyone was heading to the beach, Gorleston was having one of the busiest days of the year as it would be for the Gorleston members.  As the ribs were pulled on to the beach disaster struck as wheel failed on the orange rib which would have to join the public and spend the day on the beach.  With a lets go sailing attitude, a brief consultation, some rearranging of safety boats and a call to Hugh GYGSC’s 4th Emergency service, we were ready to go. sailing.  It was decided to abandon the planed passage race to Hopton and sail a more local course.

Pre- Start

Race 1 – Finally got under way at 12:30 in fairly slack tide with a Light breeze and coming from the east.  Phil in his 700 leading from Richard and Ed Brown Rs400 then Don  in his D1 out for the first time this year. The Single handers and the rest of the fleet closely bunched a couple of minutes behind.  As the Race continued Phil pulled away enough to earn an extra lap but would be pipped on corrected time by Carl in the Laser then David Solution just ahead of Nick Phantom and Richard and Ed in 5th.

Race 2 – The wind was just picking up and had swung a tad more to the south, Roger guest helm in the RS500 was keen to start, so keen he got to do it twice in the one race.  Phil 700 was just managing to wire both up and down the course with the rest of the asymmetric still soaking downwind   The extra wind meant it was 4 laps for the fleet with Phil managing to Lap about half the boats on his 5th lap.  It was enough for Phil to take the win from Carl in his laser and with David missing Race 2  it was Nick thenthe Browns in 3rd and 4th.

Race 3 – Required a mark move as the wind swung further south and with the tide now Ebbing the Sea was getting a little lumpy.  The hoped for the Sea breeze never arrived and the wind strength drop a notch.  The order over the course was pretty much the same but the Laser and Solution finding the conditions less favourable.  I the middle of the pack Don and Roger were having a close battle until Don hooked a spinnaker sheet on his kicker fitting and when for an untimely swim.  Richard Foster and guest crew Daniel would have there best race of the day and after 3 laps would finish on 3rd behind Phil, the Browns then Nick and Carl.

Phil took the honours for the Day, followed by Carl and Richard and Ed. The Fleet headed back in to address the boat on the beach.  Another call to Hugh and some boat and trailer swapping and everything was soon back in the dinghy park, and it was time for Pie.

So after a great day on the water, it’s thanks the race team Steve and Darrel and with a massive thankyou to Hugh’s recovery service and a pre thank you to Phil in fabrication, it was just the traffic to deal with especially for those heading back down the acle straight and beyond. (I suspect Phil did not be take the win in that race.)

Full Results here……

See you all next week for the Regatta